Silent treatment

Made it in time for my hair appointment today! Pretty happy that my hair got its fair share of pampering. The hairstylist asked about cutting it short, but I did my curls just half a year ago! Ah well, he cut it as short as he needed to keep it healthy, and I shall go for short hair once I grow out of these curls. I do miss having short hair, but they are so difficult to maintain in good shape.

We talked about my newly sprouting white hair. His advice, other than taking food rich in black pigments (black sesame, black beans, etc), was to not use my brains. Haha! This just proves how much I have been racking my brains in the last few months, I never had to worry about white hair before. The texture of white hair is so very different, they look limp, malnourished and brittle. They are worse during their transition to white!

The 4-step treatment was a real treat. Step 1 was an amazing massage with the shampooing; Step 2 smelt of ylang ylang, but had some chemical tinge to it; Step 3 smelt of coconut and pineapple and some other chemical tinge; and I slept through Step 4 which was steaming my head of tropical fruits.

Silent treatment = a good 1.5hours catching up on sleep. Definitely helps with the monotonous droning of hair clippers and blowdryers setting the very hypnotic landscape. 😀

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