Some memories are cherishables, while some are perishables. Nostalgia definitely falls under the former.

NY is in Melbourne, and my nostalgia for those years drizzled in when she asked for recommendations two weeks ago. Got me started catching up with old friends again, in an attempt to find out what has changed and what has not. Even more touching was talking to the family who was also in Shanghai at the same time as me, and their home was very much my place of refuge when things got too unbearable. Shared memories over different cultures are so enjoyable to relish in.

That was the same week I had dinner with BFF and we ended up reminiscing our Aussie uni days. She studied in Tassie while I was in Melby. For some reason, we started the discussion about own weird ways of keeping warm. Haha, the first thing I do in the morning is to bring the portable heater to toilet, and then scamper back into my cocoon until that space is ready for human use. We also recalled the memories of all the cheesy shows on TV we watched since we had nothing better to do after 6pm. It was fun trying to test our own memories of who won the singing shows, and which reality tv was the worst (yet we continued following). The biggest difference in our lifestyles was probably in the partying. My weekends were pretty routine – Fri night with the girls (cos that’s boys’ nights), Sat night with everybody (and a whole bathtub filled with ice and a variety of bottled alcohol), and Sunday night sleeping in and trying very hard to decide what to eat for lunch/brunch/afternoon tea depending on what time we woke. That’s like fifteen years ago, and my stomach can’t even digest half a pint of beer these days. Those were the days that really built up our characters in life practice, be it for survival then or for excellence now.

Perishables are the weirdo stories like having ex-tenants threatening to break into our place, and being stalked by crazies. Fortunately what remains of these perishables are mere little labels, and all the creeps from these have decomposed into nothingness. 😀

Sigh. Not joining them on the Tassie/Melby road trips this week. :/

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  1. dronstadblog says:

    Good post bro. It appears you had a lot of fun with your friends. 😀 You have a very interesting lifestyle. 😀


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