2017 is coming to a close! I managed to finish reading my favourite book again! I read it every year and eschew the concepts at a different depth each year. Let me share the closing paragraph and hopefully next year, everyone reading this para has a different level of understanding too. 🙂

Michael has a quest. Because of his new intuitive tools and gifts, Michael knows that he is not complete. His map will guide him in the right direction, and his internal Sword of Truth will be his light in the darkness, a vibrating heart frequency that will sound the F note and sings his joy at the right time. Mike has a clear picture from the House of White etched into the tenderest cells of his heart and mind.

– The Journey Home by Lee Carroll

This year flew past, and I learnt so much. Even though I do not make resolutions (anymore), there is almost a clear, sizeable marker that guides me onto a themed journey every year. This year’s theme started with KT’s guidance about the aspect of life I was (almost totally) misaligned in, and worked with me to explore deeper on how I can realign it when I almost gave up hope. Haha, not really, I don’t give up, and I am super hopeful, it is ingrained in all biological cells. The truth is, it was not about giving up hope, but about not knowing where the direction is and how to approach the issue at hand. A big soul sister is a big soul sister, she gave me very practical advice and even checked on me, or at least for the first couple of weeks. Universe’s guidance started pouring in thereafter in all forms and ways.

I know the theme for 2018 already~ The milestone onto the new path has been scheduled! It’s a more mysterious, more adventurous, even more satisfying continuation of 2017. ❤


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