I finally succumbed to formulating a new resolution for 2018. I shall write a blog post everyday!!! A blogpost a day keeps all blockages away. 😀 If daily prompt does not resonate with me, I shall pick a card from my tarot collection and post it. Haha, even on busy days, I am sure I can spare enough time to pick one deck, pick one card, take a photo and post it. Deal?

I will slowly reveal my collection over this year… I was cleansing them deck by deck today, and gave readings from each deck as I did so. Time-travelled back to 2201 days – decks still sit on the same top shelf of the same white cabinet, and they have more than tripled by now (some are on long-term loan to friends). Conversation still much connected with the same nurturing and supporting voice.

This card is a useful reminder for all to clear out the old. It is not just a matter of a new year, but at any time that we are moving into a different phase or when we find ourselves struggling to reach a decision. We have accumulated so many “stories” – dramas, beliefs, experiences (good or bad) over the span of our lives. They do get outdated as we accumulate more knowledge, more light, more wisdom. Some things we do know from the past, and some things we do not know (or we were not meant to know as yet), or some things were just fleeting transient information of no concern to us at that moment in time. And most things we uncover only as we peel away top layers do we discover the lower layers. Remember too, this is all in divine timing, and we are not the only one playing out our lives, there are many others involved as well. Don’t take things too hard with the “oh, why didn’t I see it before?”, as I always do. :/

I love this deck for its richly illustrated contents, there is so much information hiding in every corner. This one happens to have the dandelion and the fluffies, can you spot them? The key to this dude’s heart is on the blindfold! haha, mind fog, that’s what it is. It seems very much like the Eight of Swords, but this card has a lot more emotions than mere thought forms. This is what happens when one lives too much in the head, living so much in the thoughts, perspectives, and trying to understand, that one is blinded from the more “intelligent” compass of the heart. Not everything in the world can be rationalised, because Mind knows only what it has experienced before. Heart knows there’s a much bigger world beyond which it doesn’t know but want to experience.  Isn’t that why we are all here walking this earth for? You can see the winding path in the keyhole, and it’s all bright and intriguing in there, and a whole different world.

Anyhow, the message of this card is to release the blindfold – past thoughts, past feelings, stories of what had gone wrong in the past. Let go of these old energies that no longer serve the new reality – the new dreams, the new knowledge, the newly gained wisdom. You will suddenly find that they are really the blindfold causing the struggle. All is clear and bright and comprehensible once you stop trying to reconcile with old stories. They work on different vibrations, and therefore there is no way / no point in conciliation. What matters are the lovely roses we have smelt, and the the owl (wisdom) we have won and understanding of the Universal laws which are universal because they stand firm whichever situation we are in. The biggest one being of Love.

Happy New Year, and happy New vibrations to all. ❤

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  1. dronstadblog says:

    I wish you a lot of fortune and great texts Sergeant Oh. 😀

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  2. anne leueen says:

    Very interesting post. I love the images and how you translate them. I look forward to your posts for 2018.


    1. leapingtoes says:

      Thank you! It’s fun to interpret beautiful drawings 😉 and on different days we pick up different messages! ❤

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