Keeping up

Day 2 of resolution and I am already falling asleep while picking the cards. Blame it on the full moon, whispers a voice inside. Faith appeared again, but I don’t exactly know what to write about her, so I suppose it’s her act of encouragement to fulfil what I have committed to do.

Here is a card from my favourite deck which is also my travelling deck. I find it very enchanting in its light, harmonious, yet striking colours, and the sinuous curves. And of course, the richness of the graphics – an inherent quality that exists in all tarot / oracle cards I collect. As for this Seven of Cups, ahem, I have my reservations. This is one card that I have always been very ambivalent about.

Seven of Cups is sometimes also called the “wish card”. On a good day, it can mean you’ll have anything you wish for, but that is hardly the case. It usually points towards having many options to choose from, all which are tempting, but you don’t know which is/are the real option(s) that come with desirable consequences. Ouch.  So it is somewhat like a card of 6 decoys and 1 real mccoy. So evaluate choices carefully, on a sound grounded basis of reality. Alternatively, pick another card! 😉

I love the way Stephanie depicted its meaning, it is a lot less harsh than the original intention in a classical deck. It carries both the dreaminess and risk (because, illusions), while at the same time grounding it with the possibility of actualising dreams in reality. I can feel my shadow self emerging as I write this, because I know how much I am like the female in the card, “look at this!”, “did you see that?”, “I want this!”, “let’s do that!”, “shall we do this?”, while excitedly tiptoeing on a treacherous landscape to catch a glimpse of desire. The descriptions of Seven of Cups make it sound like it’s a bad thing to dream, or maybe there is just that very fine line between illusion and vision. I guess the point is to warn of illusions and being too scattered, and also to remind of focus and practicality. The good balance is brought about by this guy with a proper plan and having eyes on grounded castles perched on mountaintops rather than the castles in the air (and not being distracted by her. hehe).

For now, I will focus on Sleep – where I can enjoy my dreams, and ground them in reality tomorrow.


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  1. curioussteph says:

    Interesting, and a beautiful drawing. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the enneagram, but some of the 7 of cups attributes seem similar to some of the personality challenges of the 7 (there are nine basic types with a great many variations) I’m unfamiliar with tarot, and I enjoyed your post. Thanks!

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      I just googled Enneagram! You may be interested in the more detailed breakdown of this concept here . I happen to be reading Caroline Myss’ Sacred Contracts, but there are too many Archetypes to digest at the moment, so Enneagram’s a great way for me to start. Thanks!!


      1. curioussteph says:

        I’ve studied the enneagram a lot, recommend the work of risotto and hudson. Have also studied with Carolyn Myss. All great insights and approaches. Happy learning!

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      2. leapingtoes says:

        Thanks alot!!! I just googled for Riso-Hudson, I’ll take their RHETI test tonight. I’m a sucker for personality tests… hee.


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