Separation anxieties

I have babyboo to myself tonight! His mom is outstation again, and I just met his dad downstairs. Seems like he has outgrown separation anxieties already! I can now blatantly ask him, “where’s your mommy?” rather than keep it hush-hush-don’t-remind-him. He nonchalantly said, “mommy’s working” while slurping on his yogurt. “Where’s mommy working?” and he replied, “China.” Hahahahah. Tsk. “Are you sure she’s not in Indonesia?” and then he repeated “Indonesia” in the crispiest pronunciation. Not a tinge of emotion! I am not sure if he has grown up or he has grown used to it.

He accidentally called me “mommy, mommy” just now and blushed when we all looked at him. Big boy now, babyboo. When he was younger, and my sis was outstation, he would call me “ah-yi mommy” because he was so SAD.

I wanted him to help pick a card today, but he was too busy to bother with me.

Today’s deck is by the same author and same illustrator as the first. They are coming up with a new deck in April and I can’t wait to lay my hands on it. This deck I picked from may be called Whispers of Love but its reading is applicable even for careers. I tried that for someone before and it really took on a very loving perspective in explaining why things panned out the way they did. Pretty impressive, I must say.

This card looks so beautiful and loving that I cannot understand what there is to endure, I would embrace and enjoy it! There’s even music accompaniment on the boat. I suppose the waves were meant to look rough like they are weathering a storm or something. “No matter what is going on, you are being reminded that love can endure all things. Take positive steps to help create the change necessary to get through this.” Other than figuring out what that viable change is referring to, I have to stop using Mind to analyse this drawing.

Let’s ask Heart. Heart says the card has successfully exerted its reassurance that all is well. Haha, that makes more sense. That is also why so many people enjoy readings from this deck, cos it’s less “scary” (I think they meant “threatening” or “harsh”) than if I had used some other very-to-the-point decks. Content-wise, it covers a lot of reminders of what we have with(in) us to weather the storm. I see fortitude, strength, wisdom, companionship, vision of the future, guidance, material well-being, and the tools necessary to survive. Are you able to identify them?


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  1. I pray a lot to get through my storms . . God works wonders though prayers . . sometimes He changes the situation. . sometimes He changes me . . always all for the best πŸ™πŸ“–

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Yup, and so much to learn about His love for us. ❀

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  2. The artistry is beautiful

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