Pots of gold await

There are days I feel allergic to life in general. It is especially annoying when I feel unaccomplished in the day, and then the problems start floating in in bits and pieces at night. Gosh, high time to establish some boundaries. No wonder I picked from a not-so-friendly-looking deck today. Fortunately too, I picked the card before the influx of headaches. Growls. Or maybe I should pick again.

Great choice, I blurted out laughing when I got the Rainbow Prince. He looks exactly like Seow! One of my closer friends in Melbourne, and I ran into him at my office atrium after almost a decade. The deal about very close friends is you know too much sh*t history about a person, and when they want to start their lives afresh without being haunted by their pasts, they just disappear from your world or their old world. It is a little painful to watch, because everyone is living their own lives and we are all mature enough to view each person for who they are now, not for who they were before. Everyone makes their own mistakes, and we all do not want to be held and judged against the past (I am sure all of us just want to move towards a brighter future) and I am sure no one wants that to be done unto themselves. Sighs. My dear friend, trust us a little more, accept yourself a little more.

Anyway. The card. Back to the card. This deck is called Wisdom of the Hidden Realms, and is very intriguing in that on certain days the persona looks like an Ally, and on other days he/she looks like a Challenger. Taunting eyes! The dual reading is a little like the Upright and Reversed meanings of tarot cards. I have Colette’s Wisdom of Avalon too! Both decks really hold a lot of wisdom, and the avalon ones look a lot friendlier and loving with brighter, more pastel tones. The Rainbow Prince reminds us about the Law of Compensation and the Law of Receiving. (Hmm. I only knew of Law of Attraction and Law of Allowing, and fiddled with Law of Music.) Law of Compensation is basically “you reap what you sow”, and Law of Receiving is a reminder of the circular dynamics “you give and you receive (although not from the same source)” and a strong reminder too, because many of us are so keen in giving but so reluctant in receiving (and of course, vice versa as well). This card is a little reward for having endured the rainstorm on our journey (the storm from yesterday’s card??) and the prince brings us our pots of gold at the end of the rainbow. Keep our eyes on the skies! Perseverance pays off and the reward will be vastly greater. Nice.

If you find that he looks unfriendly, then the message is to stop looking for what’s unfair as it will keep you in a victim mode. Be willing to receive, be willing to be vulnerable. Therein lies great strength.

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