More Faeries!

This is my favourite faerie deck – The Heart of Faerie Oracle. Brian and Wendy Froud have created many decks, all which are so beautiful and entrancing, but somehow this is their only deck I own. The storytelling is very engaging with layers of meanings, and so are the visuals. I love how each card is filled up with so many different characters rich with expressions that may sometimes be vastly contrasting. Some cards require us to flip it around (like the XII Hanged Man, except that the card flips rather than expecting us to flip our vantage points) to switch our perspective altogether.

The creators are very imaginative people, and I always enjoy the journey through Faerie land. The card spread is like embarking on a quest, with the goal of not getting distracted or misled by the shady characters along the way, while gainfully attaining wisdom from the guiding characters, and of course being able to discern between the two, and then leave Faerieland back into the mortal world having grown a tad bit wiser. It’s fun!

Today, we are introduced to The Smith. I was hoping it is Word Smith to assist all of us along this journey of blogging! Mr Smith is a skilled craftsman focussed on his trade of forging bonds between people (or faeries, or both). When he appears, think about what you are promising to do, to be, to achieve in your relationship and let him forge that eternal bond for you. He must be good, look at all the different characters from young to old watching him work. Some quiet, some gleeful, some curious, some bored, some skeptical, some just patiently (or impatiently) waiting. I wonder what he is smithing right now. Maybe a horse-shoe, maybe the perfect ring, maybe a sturdy funnel, or maybe a sword, an armour, or even the magical non-depletable coin.

The key word for this card is Bond | Promises | Creation. Hmm, seems like something’s brewing pretty deep. What hails?

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  1. With a schnozz like that, no cake within ten miles would be safe!

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