Forlornity of my genius

Hehe, I am uncertain whether forlornity really stands as a word, but I do trust Merriam-Webster whose tweets I subscribe to since early last year. (You can tell I don’t use Twitter much just from my not having the correct vocabulary for it.)

I could not think of any forlorn decks, but remember I have some pathetic ones – what we call pip cards – still sitting in my cabinet. The closest deck to forlornness I can find is by my Dali Darling: Tarot Universal Dali! I bought this in Paris, accidentally walking into Espace Dali on my way home from Sacre Coeur. A bigger surprise was when I saw a few large format tarot archetypes exhibited as paintings, and I was in awe, “I hope he painted all 78” rang in my head for the rest of my gallery walk. So I found it! This set was painted post-war which I found these later works to have very strong undertones of darkness. His earlier works had all been quirky (like his residence you can read about here), and the surrealism tended more on the playful imaginative side of sarcastic humour.

The annoying thing about this deck is that they are all asymmetrical and the symbols are all of different sizes, and not numbered, therefore making it really hard to visually count. I had to use my finger to point one by one: one,two,three,four,five,six,Seven of Swords! I enjoy reading the text explanations of all the cards, because they have a Dali-nian twist to the traditional meanings. Seven of Swords normally refers to thinking out of the box, or sometimes some sort of deceit or sneaking off / around. This Dali-nian one dabbles into the philosophy of the outer personality and the inner being (the sketchy red blood figure on the left that has separated from the solid figure).

Each human being brings a new truth into this world. As long as we are separated from our inner qualities, we will be forever searching!

We are all special and bring our own incredibleness into this world, and therefore we have to see to our needs because that is the compass that guides us into our highest potential to contribute to this world. When we fail to know ourselves (or others), we end up with a division of our outer personality from our inner being. This consequentially means we are searching without being aware of what we are looking for. This card thus challenges us to do something spontaneous, do something “foolish” on purpose! This skips the Mind (Swords) which holds us back into the clockwork-think-mode-of-old-stories, and allows our Heart / Intuition to speak up and guide us onto the path of our inner being. This is how we can think out of the box! The box is shaped by what we know, but we have an inner intelligence that knows what is available and good for us outside that box of the known.

Pay attention to your dreams and your life’s wishes. Feel. Feel what is right. We all have to learn to feel. Feel your way out of the box. It is limitless.

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  1. anne leueen says:

    Feel. Feeling. Learning to ‘feel’. We do need that.

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