Six Chalices

I meant to showcase brilliant examples of my poor decisions at card-buying, but found this amazing deck together with the pips. This deck is called Tarot of Sexual Magic. I have always wanted to own something by Lo Scarabeo but never really got down to it. Or so I thought, until I found another deck of Ancient Italian Tarot at the same time. But it looks too traditional and boring, so I picked from the more exciting one instead!

This is the first time I’m breaking out this deck, so you can consider this its virgin reading. Haha. I went through each card when it first arrived (at least two years ago), but never played with it ever since. Both decks were un-shuffled, unbelievable! The artwork is very beautiful and carefree – you can see the pencil strokes, and the watercolours are light and lively. With so much focus on bodily interactions, it is pretty impressive that the expressions of the figurines are still so well portrayed to the classical meanings of the cards. This is a deck that anyone learning figurative art must own. The dynamics of the curves and the tension and balance in the composition makes each piece very intriguing. It is not at all pornographic nor overtly sexual.

While I was shuffling, I asked really hard for something interesting to write about. Considering that a complete set of Tarot features life as a soul journey (Major Arcana) and the day to day vicissitudes (Minor Arcana), I was wondering very very hard how a sexual perspective can be applied to the entire deck. So I asked for something interesting to answer that question, and tada~ Six of Cups! Hahahaha, Universe has a very profound sense of humour.

Look at these!!! How sweet and innocent they are in enjoying simple pleasures of flowers and teatime with teddy bears! Six of Cups typically indicates sweet memories of childhood or revisiting childlike wonder and innocence. More often, it points to a sudden return of a childhood sweetheart, or an old friend who brings in joyful wondrous memories / energies. It can also mean a wave of memories of someone from the past in a nostalgic way, which seems to be what this 6 Chalices is expressing.

I have no idea what the socks are doing hanging on the branches. I suppose the rolled parchment on her lap and the open canvas is symbolic of the unfurling of her memories. There are lotuses in the foreground and background, so there are still some references to the simplicity and innocence Six of Cups hold. Pigeons or turtle doves?

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  1. dronstadblog says:

    I am amazed of how many things interest you and your energetic life. The postcards look great. It reminds me of postcards I received as a kid for Christmas. 😀 Just brilliant post Sergeant Oh!. 😀

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