Today’s deck is The Tarot of the Hidden Realm, artwork is by Julia Jeffrey. The companion book is Journey into the Hidden Realm by Barbara Moore, who is the same author behind my travelling deck Shadowscapes, and two decks I have yet to feature – As Above, and So Below, which are parts I and II of The Book of Shadows Tarot. She is an intriguing writer, to be able to create so many different decks all which make absolute sense in their individual contexts and themes. The artists she works with have very varied styles too. Well, I am impressed by all artists and writers who have the patience and tenacity to complete 78 pieces of works in the same thread.

I tried doing a set of 12, but the dozen canvases still sit cling wrapped in my office cabinet. Tsk. So much for dreams and ambitions.

I asked Universe for an undulating card today, and picked this Knight of Wands. Dang. not pleased at all, what’s undulating in this to write about? I asked for another one, and picked this card again. So bear with me, some things are out of my hands. The most undulated element I can find are his wildly tousled hair, undulating in the brisk forest breeze.

This scrawny looking guy with all body cells tensed up is a hunter in the bushes. He is inspired either by the primal instinct or divinely guided intuition, and makes swift moves towards his goals. To him, it is cowardice to change action based on the future (he holds no regard for imagined unpleasant consequences). His motto: whatever is right must be done, and it best be done quickly.

Court cards (Kings, Queens, Knights, Pages) have certain archetypal qualities to them, whichever deck we are using. The symbolic meaning of this Knight of Wands is the pursuit of an idea (or a person) with true commitment, energy and fearless action. Knights are very driven and motivated, quick, confident and certain. but they lack the big picture stability of the Kings, and can sometimes be a little too impulsive without a well-rounded consideration of the whole situation. It also indicates that the general direction is correct, so I actually do not see what is wrong for him to ram right through it. Maybe he just has to be careful not to stomp on anyone’s toes while moving so quickly forward.

It feels like there’s going to be a whole influx of change coming up. Hmm. Something is brewing just below the horizon but I just can’t seem to pinpoint.

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  1. I would definitely describe his hair as “undulating in the brisk forest breeze”.

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Nice description, apt imagery to set the scene. I have added to the post. Thanks!

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