Weathered smile

This week’s photo challenge is Weathered and I was going through my GG photos to look for our occasional BBQ evenings while living up in the mountains. To no avail, apparently, where did they go? I had a blog on Storehouse just for the mountain days, but it’s gone, as did Storehouse. The BBQs were rudimentary, but heartwarming nonetheless, and we scrapped together whatever materials we could find to pull it off – old tin cans, wire mesh, and something to prop the tin cans up to an ergonomically suitable height (I’m glad we’re Asians! Did not take much materials), long chopsticks and skewers freshly carved out of freshly chopped bamboo. It was a beautiful time. We weren’t rearing our own pigs yet then (fortunately…) so we bought the meats, and of course the charcoal. Potluck was fun, it meant someone caught tiny fish from the river, and at times, someone caught frogs from Myanmar (?!) I have my question marks too, but this is embracing our dear folks’ cultures and I did not flinch, but did not try (the odder ones) either.

Instead, I found a photo of me (myself and I, haha) at Si Satchanalai, which was originally under the Khmer, broke away from Angkor in the 13th century and became part of Sukhothai Kingdom. It was an authentic, albeit very weathered, smile I wore. That was when I took timeout because UNHCR was carrying out a headcount, so there was no one meaningful around. Weathered because of the knowledge of the impending outcome and underlying meaning of that count. Even more weathered was because that was the day I realised that the Divine is really a much larger force to reckon with than what human beings can do. XX Judgement, I suppose. It was more like a XVI Tower which struck me like lightning through a serendipitous meeting. Or maybe a XII Hanged Man guiding me to look at life from a different perspective. And more importantly, forcing me to bring out the VIII Strength within.

It was around this time in 2015. I had been receiving many strange messages from the divine, warding me off from certain events. I already knew I had to heed those, because they were just too in-my-face to ignore. However, I could not reconcile or understand, nor accept (although I did heed) something so etheric / esoteric / non-physical / unreal. Universe made it real for me that very day. This photo is taken by Nel, a Canadian I met in the city, who just sat down at the restaurant and told me about Synchronicity, and many theosophical concepts about life. The weird thing was, the night before, I was pretty much woken up by angels to read up on certain topics. So the serendipitous meeting was already pre-ordained, and I could totally grasp what he was talking about. The restaurant was empty, it was almost like he was tasked to brief me through these. I don’t know what I was tasked to bring to the table, shrugs. It was a great enlightening conversation – I needed to hear from a real voice and Universe delivered.

Sometimes the Universe brings people to cross our paths just to deliver a certain message and that was enough Karma resolved for that lifetime. Beautiful, isn’t it?

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  1. It’s a nice picture, I like that you look sincerely happy!

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      1. You’re welcome 🙂

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