Yesterday was a really weird day, my brain/body shut down by around 6pm and I was unable to do anything by then. Nothing seemed to work, I could not get my head around to understanding anything in front of me. It did not even feel like brain fog, I was just “shut down” that was all. We have days like these, and I always wonder what is up – did our consciousness go off to some other dimension to lead our parallel life that somehow needed more attention than this one I am typing a blog with? Were we just giving up conscious control so that the subconscious, superconscious, and unconscious can do their work because it was a good universal timing to do so? This probably sounds like shocking crazy concepts for the uninitiated, but after quite a few years of “zoning out” and  gaining wisdom from the other “space” I visited/was in/could recollect about, I feel these are viable concepts.

Anyhow, babyboo was still here when I got home, and he came into my room and caused a ruckus jumping around and posing for Photo Booth. It was hilarious, and I never laughed this hard in a long time. I really think he is angels’ manifestation into a human voice, especially on occasions when I do not quite heed the their guidance. The first time I used Photo Booth, I went a little crazy, but Oliver went totally bonkers last night and he has played with it since the time he could crawl into my room! It was fun for that short period, and I went to sleep the minute his dad came to collect him home. Maybe Universe was enforcing a Four of Swords on me, so the other parts of me can work at their cellular level. I tried writing a few times, but concussed with my macbook on my lap.

Now that I am awake, here is today’s Harmony card! It is actually VI Lovers in the structure of traditional tarot. I used to take Lovers to literally mean Lovers before, but the stronger meaning in this is Choices, which took me quite sometime to finally figure. This morning, it dawned on me that “The Harmony Card is calling to let you know that it is time for you to make choices in certain relationships. The bonds you form with others are really about you – even in the most difficult situations.” I always knew this train of thought, but never saw its correlation with VI Lovers.

The card lists a few questions which I think will be useful to all of us:

  • What am I learning from this relationship?
  • What new qualities am I developing?
  • Is this partnership for my highest good?
  • How can I make it stronger?
  • Are we teaching each other?
  • What have I discovered or am I still uncovering about myself through this union?
  • Are the people in my life empowering and encouraging me to be all that I can?

Within every relationship, there is an encoded lesson that you have hopefully gleaned or, in some cases, one that you still need to learn.

What happens when it feels like a carrot and a task dangled by Universe? This thing about living out an encoded storyline. Hmm. Maybe that’s the obstacle that I am discovering and covering now, and will be resolved once that “line” is found and understood. Haha, this paragraph just shone a whole load of light onto this Shadows exploration journey right now.

This deck is The Psychic Tarot Oracle Cards by John Holland. I also have it on my mobile as an App, and it helped me through the time I was in a deep abyss. This is also the deck that opened me up to Tarot, as I have been using it as oracle cards without realising it is structured exactly like traditional tarot, and that there is nothing scary about it at all. Did a reading for someone one day and she exclaimed, “hey, isn’t this Tarot?” and we spent the rest of the day re-understanding the deck from the perspective of the traditional deck. XIII Death shows as Transformation, XV Devil shows as Temptation, XVI Tower as Disruption, which are so much more acceptable to my fragile heart. After that, I started collecting all sorts of tarot decks that I have blogged about in previous posts.

This video popped up shortly after I clicked Publish. I think it matches the theme of today’s card pretty well. Hugh Jackman!


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  1. stbarbebaker says:

    A journey to explore shadows, sounds like one that will be followed by a journey in the light….Sounds intriguing….” living out an encoded storyline. “

    Liked by 1 person

    1. leapingtoes says:

      Yea boy, I’m looking forward to the journey in the light! Seeing glimpses now and then already. 😀


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