Memorable Moments

At the rate life buzzes and bustles us by, silent moments are extremely precious, and naturally very memorable for me. Knowing smiles, or acknowledging smirks, speak so much of connection and how intimately one knows another.

This photo was taken with very acknowledging smirks as dad and I looked at each other, almost an imaginary nudge to register this epic moment (of fail). We were at Montserrat after a weekend at Cadaques to visit Dali’s abode. Cadaques was intense – we walked to the eastern tip of Spain and walked back, which was no mean feat and I did not know how to hail a cab (there was no Uber there and then). Normally, we can and will take on just about any treks or hikes that are within 4hours, whichever country we are in. If we are assured of food availability, we have no problems with one or two days.

That day at Montserrat, we saw 0h 05min and embarked on it. Just before the route took a turn, we looked at each other with that “are you sure?” smirk. Silence. We decided to take it easy. Both of us have a lot of pride, and we were both hoping the other will say No. This time, there was no pride involved for either of us.

We did not even join the queue to see Black Madonna.

The 0h 05min we never made. *smirk*
The obligatory tourist shot.
Our first mass together!

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