Maybe too candid

Presenting my favourite happydappy deck, which I love to use when I need to talk to my(Higher)self. The images are very raw, almost childish, but I love every bit of the raw childishness of these crayons (?) or pastels (?) sketches. It has such an authentic vibration to them, I could really feel them as an extension of me. No walls, no surfaces, nothing to hide.

This deck is Trust Your Vibes Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette. It has very cutesy, down-to-earth tips of how to flex our psychic muscles – not just taking care of our physical selves, but our Higher Selves, and my favourite is how to “order” the  different members of our Light Team around.

For example, sometimes I get “Call on Your Runners”, and I’d instantly remember “oh yes, I could have done that”. Normally, I ask them to help me “reserve” something that I want but cannot make it in time, e.g. train ticket, air ticket, movie ticket, and at times to help me look for something I lost or could not find. There are also “Joy Guides” whom I can call on, but I’m normally too focussed, so at times they play pranks on me to break me out of the dense vibrations. I remember once, I was flat-out-exhausted when I was outstation, and fell asleep in a state of blank. Next morning, I could not find my spectacles and spent a good 15-20minutes looking for it. What did I do? haha, pick a card! I got “Call on Your Joy Guides”, and I knew it was hide-and-seek time, and searched in the strangest places. I found them inside the tissue box. Tsk.

This is extreme candid sharing, which I don’t know if I will ever do ever again. I’m not crazy, I just have a different group of friends. :/

Anyhow, today’s card is No. 47 Feed Your Spirit.

“Most people are unaware of what feeds their spirit, but even if they know, they neglect to follow through. Don’t be guilty of this. Feeding your spirit comes from choosing experiences that empower you, and help you feel more authentic, spontaneous, and joyfully alive.

“Your spirit’s food is personal; only you know what your spirit hungers for. My spirit, for example, is fed by exercise, dancing, time with my children, good coffee, and walks with my husband. What feeds another may be a run on the beach, cooking, singing, or sleeping on a down pillow. Think about your spirit’s diet. The more you feed it, the stronger it becomes. And when  your spirit is strong, your vibes are loud and clear.

Don’t be a psychic anorexic: feed your spirit everyday.

I am proud to say I am feeding mine everyday now! This A Card A Day resolution is killing two birds with one stone – I get to read (into) my cards, and I get to write my thoughts. I am waiting to feed it some snacks and desserts – Painting and Singing! And hopefully go on a binge of Beach-ing sometime!

This deck always makes me very very happy. If anyone wants to lightheartedly play with oracle cards, I suggest this one! Get to know yourSelf and your Light Team better. You are very supported by Universe, and it’s useful to know how to lean on them. ❤


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  1. phonynonie says:

    Feeding your spirit is the essence of living… Feeding it right defines the level of euphoria in living. Nicely Augustine’s L articulated.


  2. phonynonie says:

    Oops… Damn autocorrect….Omit “Augustine’s L”

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Haha! Candid expression from your iPhone. 😀
      Thanks for stopping by.

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      1. phonynonie says:

        Candid expression from iPhone… Well said😁… It surely is entitled.

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  3. Not too candid, darling. You’ll find that quite a few writers in our little WP community know exactly what you’re talking about. For beginners, go over to Pauline Lakshmi’s blog and pick up a little affirmation. Day hello to your friends from mine, and have a most magical day 😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. leapingtoes says:

      Thank you!! I have followed her. It’s reassuring to see more people like that (and that I am not weird). 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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