Flower Power!

This is the first deck of oracle cards I ever owned! I got it back from a friend on Sunday, but only took it out of my weekend bag just now. Magical Messages From the Fairies Oracle Cards are, again, by Doreen Virtue. This is one deck I play with babies! Two key ones being Christopher and Oliver, both before they could speak or toddle, i remember. I suppose the texture, colour, size, and the gold glitter edges make it a good toy for them.

She is so cute and lovely. I wonder if she is watering them with beads of dewdrops, or harvesting flower essences from them. I can imagine the droplets trilling down the petals – some go pop as they hit the thorn, while some go on a sharper note as they brake their way down the furry stem, or some just glide off the leaf like a rollercoaster ride.

Coincidentally this evening, I chatted with someone about essential oil. She was feeling cold in office, and I passed her a couple of drops of cinnamon bark, and it warmed her up almost immediately, and the office smells like cinnamon rolls. Yum. So I guess that must be part of the floral healing power. Haha, or it must be the Fairies’ reminder for me to collect my sprays. I wanted to skip the trip this weekend for many reasons. Tsk!

I heeded their advice and sprayed Pink all over my room. πŸ˜€ I feel much happier now. While it is important to clear the past and its cobwebs of pain and trauma we never knew we “suffered”, it is just as important to heal and nurture in a loving manner.

❁❀ Flower Power! ❀❁


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