Identifying silhouettes

We are nearing the end of my card collection. 😀 There is enough to last till end of January at least, just that they will start appearing in odder shapes pretty soon.

This deck is again by Doreen Virtue. It is the Ascended Masters Oracle Cards. I got this set because … I am very bad with names. I was receiving a lot of guidance from different ascended masters, and I felt really disrespectful and bad about not having the slightest idea of who they are and what they represent. Yet they so lovingly and compassionately guided me all the time.

When I was actively attending meditation and reiki classes, I would have different coloured rays and vibrations entering my sphere / vision, and there would be sudden insights coming in the form of knowingness, glittery words, and sometimes sounds in a non-physical sense. Me, being me, would always ask who they are. And me, being me, would always be astounded by the names because ignoramus has no idea.

That initial / initiating period was the time when I only knew Kwan Yin and Mother Mary. That was the time whenever any divine feminine energies arrive (I can actually sense their etheric silhouettes), I would (mis)identify them as either one of the two. I remember my first meeting with Lady Nada, I saw her rose and pink rays, and I was like “hmm.. not really mother mary, not really kwan yin” and I heard “Mary Magdalene”. When I had access to my phone, the first thing I did was to google, and everything matched! The colours, the names, the symbol. It was pretty awesome. Then there came another time when I felt twin/double/overlapping divine feminines, and I got the answer “Lady Portia/Nada” which overlapped (hard to type that sensibly). That was the day I learnt there was someone else called Lady Portia. That was also the day I realised that every “character” is a vibration, they are not distinctly separate entities, but just representations of values that vibrate at a different frequency. Then of course there was Tara who had appeared with me from years ago, so it was not at all surprising when I unwittingly channelled her. AND it turns out that there is a Green Tara and a White Tara who appear at different times (more frequently the Green Tara), which I later learnt that there are many more Taras representing slightly different values/vibrations.

Seriously, we are all one. It is just a matter of vibration. We can change our vibration, which is why we must always head towards the Higher Path, which is why there is a term Ascension. The Ascended Masters have ascended to a high enough frequency and they are continuing to ascend by raising our vibrations. The Earth is as well (that would be Mother Gaia).

This deck is very helpful when I cannot capture what they are energetically saying. For example, Melchizedek and Mahachohan. They seldom appear in my case, but when they do, I would go “meeeeeeehhhhllll?” and they would give me some other hints to guide my way to identifying the information. Like Mahachohan Ragoczy Teacher, actually told me “MRT”. What he said matched the card, so I was pretty convinced.

Sounds iffy right? Like, how would you know if they can be trusted? Well, that is what the inner compass is for, and also it is important to “study” as a group, so we can learn together. We all have different gifts that we bring to the table, and if everything matches from all different aspects, I would say it is pretty much reliable. I went through a lot of adventures and am thus more or less equipped with a well-communicated inner compass that can differentiate between some basic frequencies – low vibrations (stay away / shield), angelic beings, guides, ascended masters, and DANGER (most important!)! The most fun was when we spotted an imposter one session – some entity tried to pretend to be an ascended master, and both YC and I were like “eh, don’t bluff”. This is why it is very very important to keep our intentions pure. The energetic world is something we do not know much about, and any negativity can easily be spotted and made use of to manipulate us.

Now that I got to this point of writing, I understand why we have this card today.

You’re qualified and ready to take the steps toward your desired outcome. You have what it takes to fulfil your dreams and your life’s purpose. This card signals that it is time now to make your move. You can do it! Take action without delay or hesitation.

* * *

Archangel Michael is a powerful overseer of guardian angels. He helps lightworkers to remember and to fulfil their life’s purpose. Michael holds a sword of light to cut away fearful attachments that bind us in apathy or procrastination. He gives us courage and strength to make life changes and to move beyond our comfort zone. Call upon AA Michael for protection, motivation, clarity and courage.

❤ I never dared to write so openly about these experiences before. ❤

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  1. Indeed “It is just a matter of vibration.” Love this post!

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  2. anne leueen says:

    So interesting! Two feminine energies I have encountered are Gertrude of Helfta and Therese of Lisieux. Therese visits often but Gertrude not for some time. We are all one! I love that!

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