Dystopian elven journey

Today’s prompt calls for the exhibition of my poorest decision in card-buying. Presenting the inscrutable faces from the deck of Tarot of the Elves, by Mark McElroy, artwork by Davide Corsi. I could not even figure out what number this card is, I thought it was a “joker” or a wild card.

Fortunately, I have the book and managed to compare (card) picture to (book) picture and found her. The Page of Discs. I burst out laughing when I read the card name. My second guess following “joker” was “queen of one of the suits”. Pages are always very fresh-faced and youthful looking, but this one looks like a 2-dimensional pale-faced woman who found a coin in her back garden. Hehe, I know I shouldn’t be so mean, but this is one deck that I can misread all meanings to. Maybe I am just too unfamiliar with the elven realm. Or maybe the artist is too successful at painting the dystopian society.

The book is really interesting though. There is a narrative that ties all the cards together, so even if you do not play with cards, it makes a good read. This |X| is the Fadonne who “lacks the experience and wisdom needed to handle financial and physical issues with grace. Because she cannot understand the value of what she possesses, she is unnaturally and illogically attached to it.” The entire suit of Pentacles is about Fadonne and her disc.

I would have read the whole book more closely had it not been for the images in there. Full colour, page after page of deadpan faces, absolutely creeps me out like scary doll shows. From an architectural point of view, it looks like a mock-up, the kind which you do a few test render passes, just to figure out the composition and then fit in the detailing on that basis. I got it cheap and second hand off someone else (because I had not fiddled with the elven realm then) and learnt a big lesson – there must be a reason why someone is selling it off second hand, even / especially if unused. Tsk.

So I suppose this Page of Discs must be referring to me – careless with money when it comes to the attachment of owning every deck of cards in the world. Arghz!

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