Are you feeling stifled by the unbearable meaninglessness of life?

Tip 1: go read some Existential Comics which philosophises about “the inevitable anguish of living a brief life in an absurd world.” It will make you laugh but also sink that existentialism deeper into your soul (ouch, it’s painful, emptily painful). But at least you laughed for that brief powerful moment.

Tip 2: accept that life is of nothingness anyway, and live every moment powerfully. Feel every emotion in every cell – sadness, happiness, loss, grief, bliss, joy, emptiness, fulfilment, pain, broken, confused, clear, driven, regretful, appreciative, grateful. Having feelings and emotions gives awesome meaning to life.

Tip 3: experiment with different perspectives. What is each moment telling you? What could each moment be telling you? It is “fun” to make wild stabs in the dark, and then see what lights up ultimately. After sometime, we get skilled in making those stabs, and realise we can see in the dark.

This is the card I picked today, Explore! It is from the deck Indigo Angel Oracle Cards, again by Doreen Virtue, this time together with his son Charles Virtue. Not much story behind why I got this deck … because … I … just … bought … it … ! (like, hours ago) :/ It’s a beautiful deck but has an overlay of a deep bluish grey that seem to resound a sense of helplessness, a signature feel to Indigoes.

I knew nothing about Indigo Children until I moved into the island and met KT who introduced that concept to me. That shone so much light into why I was feeling so stifled all my life – un-understood and mis-understood, while at the same time knowing beyond the superficial tales told by the authoritarian social construct. It was okay when you didn’t know, but it is not okay when you can see right through the veil of lies but cannot do anything solid about it. So internally there was a huge amount of battling between fitting in, and feeling Truth. Life changed when KT explained to me, and that was the moment when I started accepting myself for many things, instead of the constant questioning, “why can’t you just accept and live like other normal people?” Instead of battling inward and getting all depressive and confused, I can then use that energy to move and live my life (purpose) with resolve.

This deck provides assistance to the Indigos to know their next step to take in their mission, relationships and other life areas. I wish I had gotten it earlier. If you are a suffering Indigo, you may want to grab this deck to guide you along, it would be a great companion on this journey.


This card asks you to experiment with your approach to the situation you are inquiring about. Your powerful Indigo energy will work for you instead of against you, if you shift your mood and energy. 

This card also asks you to be open-minded when thinking about your place in this world. If you feel guided to go in a certain direction in life, then give it a try. And remember that there is nothing wrong with changing your mind or the course of your life. Opinions change as knowledge broadens

So true. Don’t cling on too hard to “principles”, question how they came about, how did they serve you then? Does it still serve you now? Not just principles, but many other aspects like belief systems, opinions, judgements, feelings. They change, people change, circumstances change, you change. Re-orientate yourself to the transience of the moment. Be it physically, mentally, spiritually or emotionally.

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  1. Love this! I LOVE tip 2, which is something I advice my friends everyday!

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Hehe, I advise myself this all the time, but it’s not easy. 😀


  2. anne leueen says:

    Oh my! This post has arrived at such an opportune moment. In my riding I have a disconnect between what my brain is telling me ( it is saying yes! good! this is it!) and my body is saying ( whoa! hang on! this could be dangerous!) So this post “explore” tells me to do just that…explore this disconnect and accept the challenge to change. thanks !

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Cool!!! I learnt that if we hold an intention to find out something (e.g. where the disconnect is), we can actually magnetize in the info that Brain has not seen / heard before, and then everything can re-align!

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