Super blue blood moon

Here’s today’s card! In sync with all the hype about the super-blue-blood-moon-full-lunar-eclipse-what-a-mouthful-of-words. I feel like I am in a very different full-moon-phase today, very happy and almost hyper. It is normally not like that. Not sure what is going on again, but it is the same happydappy-light-and-flighty feeling just like the transition into 2018. In any case, I will enjoy this while I can. 🙂

This card is My Sacred Divine, and I am posting the full image up because the border is filled with channelled light codes. I cannot understand light language (maybe not yet?) but I can feel energetic movements in my fingertips as I hold the card. You may want to “study” the imprints along the border, read it like you would with letters of the alphabet. See if you feel anything?

This deck is by Victoria Webby: Cosmic Soul Cards – A Portal to your Divine Plan. “For all willing to say ‘yes’ to igniting the flame within the sacred Temple of the Heart ~ where everything is possible.” She writes so well, that if I am to quote what resonates and what I want to share, I will be quoting her entire deck of cards.

“The greatest gift I was given was the strength to say YES – that’s it. Whenever I have been asked to ‘do this or go there’, even if I have felt fear at the asking, I have always had the strength to reach in and see my heart, hear it sing, and just say YES!

The rest I have left to the divine mastery of Creation.” 

The above paragraph is precisely what I have been going through this past week. Since my YES, BRING IT ON ten days ago, Universe has “returned” me the other half of the scope that I unwittingly “turned down” (story here). It is not that daunting now that I trust the Universe in guiding me to resourcefully achieve it. Well, to be really honest, I was absolutely freaked out, but Trust and Faith buoyed me up, and it looks like resources are really out there when we see beyond what are in our hands. Maybe Rumi is right, “Everyone sees the unseen in proportion to the clarity of their heart.”

❤ Fill the cavity with Light, and meld the Shadows with Love. ❤ I see you now. ❤


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  1. stbarbebaker says:

    A perfect match to the Super Blue Blood Moon phase.

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