Soul mate

It’s past January over here! Managed to stretch my decks through a month, and there are quite a few more to go!

Today’s deck is The Romance Angels, once again by Doreen Virtue. Played with it at someone’s place, and I knew I really have to own one. Every card is beautiful, and they are so differently beautiful. There is so much diversity that you can use it to ask questions about locations, time periods, or maybe even what cuisine to have for dinner. At the same time each card rings the same theme enough to show they belong to the same deck.

The card for the day is Soul Mate, which also happens to be the cover image for the deck. While ‘soul mate’ sounds romantic and all, the concept of the soul mate is not exactly what teenage / women magazines portray them to be.

“You chose this card because you wonder if a certain person is your soul mate, and the answer is “Yes!” As we all do, you have many soul mates – beings with whom you share a mystical soul connection and life path. Soul mates incarnate with the plan of coming together for mutual spiritual and personal growth. As you suspected, the person you are inquiring about is one of yours. That sense of familiarity and comfort you felt when you first met also indicates your soul-mate bond.”

We have many soul mates. We pre-planned our lives, and all the people we meet, live, work, play with are meant to be in our lives to help one another learn and grow, and these are our soul family. We have soul mates who play very significant roles in entering our lives to teach us (and us teach them) certain lessons, and they are not always awesome, and can in fact be awful to the core. They can, at the same time, be beacons guiding us onto a path we need to be on, and the path may be an enlightening one yet also one through the dark night of the soul. There can also be soul mates who come in to teach fun, playfulness, enjoyment, or a conveyor of a brand new perspective, all divinely timed to be at the period right after the dark night of the soul. You never know. And that soul mate may just exist long enough to change the whole energetic field from a depressive to one of light, and then each move on to brighter pastures. All in divine timing, and the key is to understand (and enjoy) what each brings. There are also those who are gifts from the Universe, almost like a little reward “good job, you survived, and here you go, enjoy the happily ever after”. They can, at the same time, be missions or “job” for that lifetime, or more nicely put – companions to drive a common purpose together and achieve the life mission we are tasked to do. Once again, you never really know. Well, sometimes you do.

There is another concept – Twin Flames. It is not mutually exclusive from the concept of Soul Mates, but it is a different concept altogether. I first knew about it through my sister, and that was also the same instance that I knew there are many misconceptions around this idea. I don’t know which is right, but my understanding is that we all came from that divine spark-let from Creator, and what we know as our divine spark was actually split further into two – the divine masculine and the divine feminine. (Do note that these are aspects of us, they are not referring to gender.) So we hold a half-sparklet in us, while our twin flame holds the other half-sparklet. So, we are in fact one half of each other. There are some lives we spend together, and there are some lives we pursue our own learning, there may be some lives that we are not even in the same realm. Ultimately, when the twin flames unite, they are more or less done and dusted with karma, and cleanly pursuing the last bit of helping the rest of the world ascend, and then rejoin Creator forever and ever~

There is much much more to this concept, and there are many blogs on wordpress sharing the details of Twin Flame Reunion, and the more interesting bits are those of the Twin Flame “Dance”.

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  1. Sounds weird maybe, but the couple reminds me of Princess Zelda and Link.


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