More than mates and twins

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” – Paulo Coelho is right again. When our hands are tied, when our cards are low, and time is not exactly on our side. Delegate! BFF picked this card today. She picked it twice for me in fact – one earlier in the morning when I had my work up to my neck or maybe even up to my nose. The cards are unabashed about asking to be featured. All those I have written about are the ones that kept popping up in the day. Also, to show my appreciation for the divinely human hand helping me pick and photograph the card, I shall put up the full contents of the card explanation today.

This deck is Past Life Oracle by *drum roll* Doreen Virtue *slow clap*, and Brian Weiss! I love Brian Weiss’ books and highly recommend them if you want to take a broader concept about life and how this lifetime is only a tiny figment of our soul – the soul which carries all the manymanymanymany figments from our other lifetimes. Or you can play with this deck and explore more as it comes to you. I was always picking the same ol’ 4 cards from this deck of 44, so I gave it up (long-term loan. haha) to BFF instead . It seems to do her more good than it did me.

This card matches today’s prompt perfectly too. I dreamt of this exact scene last night/this morning, except that our clothes are fairly current and it was inside an airport (felt like our Changi Airport). How times must have changed! I was puzzled when he told me, “I took a $1 flight back.” Which is why I am writing even such random details down, because we never know! The dream may just be a prelude to the abundance of miracles. 🙂

It could also be Universe reminding that my Soul Mate post could have explained more about Karmic Relationships. Elephant Journal has a detailed article on this Karmic / Soulmate / Twin Flame if it interests you. My simplified version says: Twin Flame covers the spark-split at the beginning of Creation [we are one]; Soul Mate covers the significant player of the Soul Family this life-time [we are family]; and Karmic Relationship covers the im(balances) we accumulate / resolve over many lifetimes [we are living beings].

This card indicates that one or more of the people in your current life are from previous lifetimes. You both ended your relationships with karmic imbalances. This means that one or both of you are most likely harbouring old feelings that need to be healed and released. When this occurs, you will be set free from recurring destructive and toxic relationship patterns.

In some cases, this card will arise when there is a reunion with a beloved soul from a previous life. Perhaps you have finally reconnected with a romantic partner from your past, or a new friendship is bring you great joy. With healthy past-life connections, you’ll immediately feel a sense of comfort and familiarity.

You received this card in answer to a question or concern that involves a karmic relationship. Fortunately, you can appeal to Heaven for help in releasing any old, stuck energies or emotions. You may also be guided to work with a specialist in past-life regression and relationship healing.

This journey has been so convoluted, it has extended lessons every step of the way. I am so fortunate to have signs and markers in the form of earth angels in my life, and some that pop in just to deliver a certain message. I remember Princess E asking, “why are you cutting the cords?” which was actually more like “why did you keep cutting the cords?” Well, that was all I knew then – cut them clean so I can be free to live a new life, something grounded in the current lifetime! I really do not appreciate the idea of someone standing in the doorway, neither in nor out. So she reminded me that I should be healing the past, not just cutting it out, which made perfect sense, and that was what I did. She was very adamant about a certain other feeling, and I guess her adamance was also what broke through and solved a huge piece of the puzzle. The smaller pieces dropped in now and then after that. Such brilliant friends I have.

Healing relationships is very important, and it is not what we understand from a superficial level of “and they live happily ever after”. It does not even have to be for couples, it could be with our parents, with our colleagues, with our pets. What it does is that it balances the “karma” and therefore we relate to each other based on current dynamics (this lifetime!) instead of past lifetime(s).

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  1. anne leueen says:

    I have discovered Brian Weiss this past year and what a voyage of discovery that started me on! I have just recommended him to another blogger.

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Yea!!! For me, with the new “eyes” gained from this perspective, all the funny nonsensical dreams start to actually make possible sense. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. anne leueen says:

        I absolutely agree

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