Profuse flows

Here’s a very different deck for today! It has no images, other than the generic border that carries over all cards. I wanted to see if I have any affinity with words, as in solely words. Turns out, apparently not! It is very useful for quick and easy reads when I don’t fancy having to refer to any books, yet at the same time it is not any different from my flipping from the I-Ching book to see what wisdom holds for the moment. I guess shuffling adds a tad bit more fun that just flicking a page.

It is my latest physical deck, just a couple of months old! I got it from the East-West Bookshop, which turned out to be my favourite bookshop in the world now. It has all sorts of spiritual / religious / new-age / wellness books, as well as all the fun things like crystals, tuning forks, wind chimes, et cetera. It feels a little odd though, to have so many portraits of Yogananda all over in the shop. I bought a whole stack of Thich Nhat Hanh books because the texture of the cover and pages feel sooooo good, and they are very handy-sized. There are more things to judge about books other than their covers. 😉 I have all of them in electronic format, but old-school books still feel really good in the hands.

How my taste has ‘changed’! My only other favourite bookshop this life is Readings, which is also an independent bookstore, right across the tiny little lane from my Lygon Street house decades ago. I probably feel intelligent just being in a space filled with books and words within. I spent so much time there gazing at them shelves after shelves. I was into philosophy during that period, and Lo and Behold! There is an entire series of Continuum Impacts whose covers are so gorgeous, and feels great to hold! It helped to rave and rant about these peeps and thoughts, and I ended up getting them as presents from friends now and then. 😀 I have such wonderful friends. ❤

Oops, gushing too profusely about nerdy stuff, I nearly forgot to write about today’s card. Love Flows Naturally! Ah-ha, exactly like how my love for books and knowledge flow!

Water taken in through the roots of a tree flows out into every branch and leaf. Once love between the soul and Krishna is awakened, it flows naturally out into the world in the form of compassion for all beings.

I don’t truly know much about Krishna, but I had to study his dance movements (and/or poses) for Art History. Seems that he is a symbol for love and compassion. Hmm. The card seems to be saying that if we allow ourselves the love and the compassion for others, it will flow out naturally. The deeper connotation seems to be to not artificially hold ourselves back, and that we should see this from a higher perspective of care for others, and not be so “selfish” and “deprive” them of what we could actually be giving. Or maybe the polar connotation is that “forced love” is not Love, as it has to flow naturally.

Shrugs. Now I see the difference between philosophy and spirituality. :/

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  1. I’m learning and exploring yoga and the chakras, but there are so many different forms. I


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