Luminous inside-out

Today’s deck is the Vibrational Healing Card Readings, by Rowena Pattee Kryder. All the images in this set are created out of geometric shapes and very pretty colours, and expresses vibration in its visuals. Energetically, it is not that strong compared with other cards which can really cause reverberations all the way through the body. These cards are very gentle, and can be felt when meditating with it. However it is too tedious and  takes too much effort, so I use them more for playtime with larger groups of friends.

Each card can be read from two directions, and today’s is 126 Luminosity as photographed. Not quite sure what it is trying to say yet, but it feels like a similar vibration with the post about profuse flows of love two days ago. My guess is that someone (or many) in the audience is putting up blockages for himself/herself by holding back and refusing to let things flow naturally. Ha-ha, I don’t think it is me because I am really putting in much effort to act on the present and following divine guidance moment by moment. But then again, I normally do not think it is for me until it smacks me in my face.

“All your strenuous seeking and effort can be released while the Love-Light in your being floods into an incandescence. Let go of all drama – of being a victim or a conqueror, and be aware that everything – cells, flowers, stones, as well as stars – are luminous  Love-Light. Your being is luminosity. Let the bliss of selflessness shine through and your way will be lit clearly and instantly, moment by moment. Cease seeking answers and courageously trust the wise, open Love-Light. Breathe in luminosity and you will breathe out luminosity as well. Dark thoughts and feelings vanish when the luminosity of being shines. Cease clinging to self-righteous ideas and values and allow yourself to become transparent to the Love-Light.”

Bliss of selflessness! Yes, stop being so selfish, and let it flow! Stop depriving others of the messages and any other senses that they could be receiving if you were to just let it flow! Whenever I am afraid, or whenever I hold back from acting on divine guidance, I get a little message that gently reminds, “When your focus is more on ‘how may I serve?’, then you won’t worry about what others think about you.” See from that perspective, it may be what can help you overcome any obstacles, or self-sabotaging blocks.

Drama is very disempowering, and all the energy gets sucked into meaningless stories when they could be better spent on Creation. Just like how sympathy too can be disempowering – the vibration it holds is partly one of condescension, partly one of projecting a victim-mindset on another. I stopped sympathising with people from sometime ago. I (at least try to) empathise with their situation, compassionately speak my truth to them, and just leave them take their own power back. I had the sweetest person in the world tell me to pretty much stop complaining and get out of the rut, although in a not-so-compassionate tone, but it really made a turning point in my life. Speak your truth, whether you judge it as un-nice, or harsh or aggressive, or maybe on the other polarity – too mushy, too embarrassing or too needy.

Anyhow, the book suggested two little exercises you may want to try:

1. Breathe the Love-Light

Visualise and feel Luminosity as the vivification of the radiant consciousness within you. Luminosity says, “Embrace the dark, the heavy, the evil, and it will be made light through my self-luminous power. When you are luminous within, you have no fear of darkness. How will you go about maintaining your light?”

2. Affirmation

My whole being is luminous with Love-Light which clearly guides me.

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