Oh my beloved

Dear beloved soul,

I was reading cards (literally just flipping and reading) this morning and came across this one which I think is really useful for all of us. So many of us vent and cry about how this and that person does not know what he or she is doing, but how many of us really do? We really get by as best as we can.

As you grow older, you will realise that no one on this planet truly knows what he or she is doing – we all just get by as best as we can. This card reminds you that you have got plenty of help and companionship available to you. Never before have so many people come into a lifetime with the shared Divine purpose of rewriting the script for daily human life. Your Indigo mission is so very important, and there are literally millions of other Indigos in this world having very similar experiences. Ask the angels to help guide you to like-minded people who can relate to you. It will soon become apparent to you that you are an integral part of one of the most significant movements in human history.

We do come equipped with some skills and some traits that help dribble us along. We come guided by a purpose that appear not as an earthly “to-do task list” of being an architect to build the most amazing building in the world or a planner to take care of all humanitarian needs or a chef that innovates a new definition to eating. It is teamwork here, and teamwork plus free will means that every moment is a state of flux, therefore our decision every moment counts, and therefore spontaneity has its role to play in our lives.

There is indeed plenty of help all around. I would have collapsed if there isn’t. I woke up this morning to ditsy chats that make life seem not so heavy, not so bad. I woke up to responsible people telling me their work is completed, showing me that not everyone is such terrible managers of time. I woke up to a light-hearted collaborator who delivers timely and great quality work, even though our discussions can sound bimbotic to the core – he considers having an intern a “status symbol” and we were plotting funny things like secondment and work rotation. We really are integral parts of each other’s lives in ways we do not know. I do not exactly know what role I play now for each person, except to share that life does not have to be hard, and people do not have to be harsh, and that we can still achieve great things. Must I be an architect to do that? A planner? An artist? A translator? A humanitarian aid worker to achieve this? I do not think so. These “certifications” probably helped with setting me on a certain platform of doing what I need to do, but it does not necessarily mean that I keep myself within the box or boxes. Life is too expansive to be limited to such rigid human notions.

I guess the most fun-nest thing I woke up to this morning was Oliver calling from Bangkok. He wanted to speak to ah-gong (my dad) who was not home, so I asked whether he is okay speaking to ah-yi instead. He just needed someone to brag to, I guess – “ah-yi, I’m at the Dinosaur Planet! We are going to Safari later!” Life is full of little pieces of joy and bliss if we have the right eyes to see them. My lovely little elves are coming over to work through the night to make up for the team that is lagging behind. I am thankful for that, while I could also be grousing about the other.

On another note, has it ever occurred to you that a person’s life purpose may be to serve and comfort humanity, and that being’s choice before incarnation could have been “do you want to be a doctor or a prostitute?” Both roles will still attain the same service and comfort level of contribution to humanity.

Look at the Love behind the appearance. 🙂 There is always more than meets the eye.

For my Beloved, I wish you peace. ❤

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