Roll flamingo

I am now en-rolled in an inertia of disclosing very raw works. But it is fun! I love painting, and I am surprised by how the enjoyment of the moment(s) still sits so deeply in me today. Just recalling the memory of those moments takes loads of worries away.

My dream is to paint a full-sized wall mural of sunset filled with wild flamingoes in the foreground, and the glitter of setting sun merging with its rays at the horizon.

This is my very first large format painting. Not huge, but large enough to not be able to sit on a normal easel. As usual, there had to be some challenge to inspire me to start a new painting. I was so happy when I brought home the blank canvas that day, I can still remember my heart singing. It was an exciting time! I came home with large bristled brushes and a huge tube of titanium white (my first huge tube!) as well. There is something about playing around with blends of white that gives me a high. I leaned the canvas against the armrests of the rosewood single-seater, and sat on the coffee table to work on the painting through the night. Painting is a really absorbing process, I spent the  next few days sketching and setting out the flamingo till wee hours in the morning. It was very intriguing studying the feathers, its curves, the long neck, and of course the colours, how the different layers of feathers come in different shades, not gradients! The elegance of its existence. Gosh, absolutely loved it. 

Ergonomically, it was a terrible idea. I started getting lower back pain and a very sore forearm because of the angle I sat in. And of course, the exhaustion of burning midnight oil for a few days running. Once it took shape with all the base colours in, I sort of decided my physical body / health was more important. So here we go again, as complete as it could be, with probably another half a year of work to truly complete it. I prefer it in its rawer state though. Ah well, we cannot turn back time. It will get better when I restart working on it again.

Just to ease our eyes a little with something prettier, here is a very beautiful card with many wild flamingos in the foreground! The nice one on the right is drawn by Josephine Wall for the Nature’s Whispers deck.

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  1. This is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your process. It helps me understand an artist friend who sometimes disappears without a word, to the dismay for family and friends. Now I get it!

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Hehe yupppp! Painting is a process that sucks us into a different world. 😀


  2. Wind Kisses says:

    I actually like the softness and smooth lines of yours better. Look forward to that mural one of these days. Nice work.

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