I have been meaning to write about Forgiveness, but kept getting distracted by the paintings. Seems like everything has its time. A short interlude just manifested on its own, and I guess now is its time.

This word seems to appear with another companion word – forgive and forget; forgive me; I forgive you, etc. We are usually held in a pool of “shall I forgive so-and-so?”, or “do you think so-and-so will forgive me for this?” However, how often do we think about forgiving ourselves? It was only through ThetaHealing that I had the epiphany of how unforgiving we can be to ourselves. The next critical party we need to learn to forgive would be our parent(s).

Here is an extract of the newsletter I would like to share with all of us:

One of the biggest blocks in manifesting is holding onto resentment and hatred, which really doesn’t benefit anyone. Past resentments, grudges, and hatred towards another take away your creative energy to manifest with. The only way to truly move forward is to find the forgiveness inside of you. Forgiveness is one of the most powerful words when spoken.

In ThetaHealing®, we know that forgiveness is the highest protection and has such a high vibration that it will send negative thoughts to other places. Thoughts are real things, and they move faster than the speed of light creating our reality, either positively or negatively.

We can hold many resentments and grudges very unknowingly, and it was through Theta that I got to discover these hidden blockages, and thereby release them. With each release, I realise I carry a little less baggage. With each blockage cleared, I realise I take a little step higher at viewing viscissitudes of life.

Much of it stemmed from my feelings towards my mom. With each healing, I feel slightly better, but then again, something else will emerge and then I have to release it again, and then something else emerges again. Like peeling an onion! It gets purer and whiter and cleaner as we peel off layer after layer. With some tears, pain and soreness along the way. I know I am still begrudging her for something, but I do not know whether I am ready to let it go yet, and I can tell from how I am avoiding her everyday. On the surface, brain has all the explanations and understanding, but anything deeper, well, i don’t really have the time or want to focus on unfurling anything deeper as yet. This journey can be a little annoying at times – almost like stabbing myself in my own heart, but I just have to remind myself that it is worth it, and remind myself of all the resentment I had already released and how good it felt and what a much better position I am in now.

Being unforgiving also has alot to do with judgement. Based on the past, we have a pre-judgement of how person will react / respond, and all the negative, unreal situations start playing out in our head. We forget. We forget that everyone changes, everyone wants to be a better person. For all we know, since that certain incident(s), the other person may be holding on to the guilt, and holding on to how things could have been better if he/she had not committed stupidity. We really never know. That is also why judgements do not hold water. It works as a shield, a protection, but with a shield or a protection it also means a wall or a barrier that blocks us from allowing something bigger and  better into our lives.

One of the other cards say, “To forgive someone does not mean that you are endorsing his or her behaviour. The angels will tell you, rather, that doing so is a form of deep emotional detoxification. It means ‘I am no longer willing to carry toxic energy within my mind and body’.” And this one from Whispers of Love (another Angela Hatfield / Josephine Wall deck) says:

Nothing can be gained by holding on to past disappointments. Being willing to forgive yourself and others opens the door to the opportunity of future growth. Love will be restored and trust can be rebuilt. Move from a place of bitterness back to the joy that you deserve in your life.

Maybe the best place to start is with our parents, it would probably be easier than forgiving ourselves. They are the people who shape us to be who we are today, or if they aren’t, that is also another call for forgiveness to their absence. We pick our parents to take us into this world because they set the platform for our earthly being. We pick them because they will set out the framework to propel us into the world of lessons we need to glean – the whole point of our existence. However we detest them for what they have given or have not, these are mirrors for our souls’ growth and development. So, to me, this is a shortcut to healing – the more we can heal from our parents, the less emotional wounds we have to heal from other people in our lives. More simply put, we have less emotional wounds that attract unhealthy patterns to enter our lives, and therefore, less sh*t to deal with. And as we release and heal the past, we experience more love in our present moments!

Vianna (founder of ThetaHealing®) has a new forgiveness meditation here which you may want to try.


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  1. I’m trying. Great post!

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Thanks! 🤝 we will succeed!


  2. There’s a great deal of wisdom here, and better found in youth. Presently watching my mom slowly leave this world, I’ve been surprised by the unexpected compassion emerged in witnessing her vulnerability. It’s easy to bury one’s own frustrations beneath the myth of indifferent Gods and Goddesses, and to forget that our parents too had to search for themselves within the reflections of others.
    Peace to you.

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Yea, there are things we sometimes forget. Then again, better late than never. ❤
      That is why I choose to lead an examined life wherever and whenever I can.

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