Times when rest is best

I never blogged anything about the Lisboa leg of our trip before. I enjoyed and loved the visit to this city very much, but never really knew of any solid contents to write about. Memories of this place was of very sweet nothingness – it was helluva good respite during the exhausting one month backpacking. I enjoyed every bit of this one month with Dad, and every bit of it was different and enjoyed the learning gleaned through our adventures together. Then again, any learning means there are tough bits to it to be overcome. 😀

Three days in Lisboa! The loveliest decision we made was to get a three day hop-on hop-off pass! All three days, I slept at top deck of the topless bus, just enjoying the sun, and then opening up my eyes to admire the coastal drive along the city’s edge, and then dozing off again. Peace!! The pass included admission tickets to most tourist spots, but we unanimously decided to skip quite a few. Instead, we went around the city a few times on the bus. It was perfect!

There was an amazing diversity of Seafood there, so we tried mostly the exotic ones we never saw before. I could not wake up one of the days, and Dad bought some 2 Euro fish from the mercado, and plainly boiled it, and it was yummy. We had absolutely no idea what fish it was. The mercado down the street was our chill hangout every evening with some seafood, some white wine, and some instagram pics of our sleepy faces.

Up till now, we have not figured whether I was so tired that entire trip because I was physically tired, or we had too much to drink. Sangria (or wine) every meal was no joke, but then again, it definitely fed me enough vitamin C. 🙂

To simplify the description of our 3-day trip in Lisboa in a few photos:

Quiet, restful appreciation of simple pleasures in life

Autumn, Lisboa. 2014
Looking like summer.

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