The last of the series! That’s all folks!

It’s been fun! This short spurt of sharing of my incomplete and rare complete oil paintings I have done in my life. I should hopefully re-embark on this journey again soon, now that I am reminded of all the challenges I wanted to attempt.

This one here is a cherry blossom that has yet to be completed. It is just short of a few strokes of the brushes, but I have no idea what is holding me back. Just ten more strokes and I can have my signature on it.

I have a feeling it is a matter of fear, a matter of unworthiness. The process had been smooth and easy so far, no mis-strokes, no mis-colours, everything was as they were meant to be. I suppose it is the fear or anticipation that I will mess up that “perfect-so-far”. The feeling of unworthiness that I cannot produce something as “perfect” as I had meant it to be. I know nothing is perfect, yet everything is perfect. Human is as human does, the little ego insists on tying so many expectations and associations to every little manifestation, instead of accepting them as they are. It just ends up tripping us over.

This is also why I know I have loads more to go on this journey. Until the day I release the attachment to expectations / physical manifestations, I am still un-free.

But I am working on it. ❤

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  1. Splendid and such great words so well articulated

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  2. kenfales says:

    This is beautiful!

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