My neighbour Totoro

Oliver always looks very befitting in a Totoro costume. Maybe it is the big white patch that matches the baby tummy perfectly, and it is a “cannot-miss” target for tickling him, especially after his meal. At 3.5years old, he sometimes gets a little conscientious and does not want to eat anymore, “ah-ma, my tummy big big”. It is a different story when ah-gong brings out the strawberries, or yogurt, or yakult. Sweet things do go into a separate tummy.

From the hairless to the flat hair, my cute-but-noisy neighbour Totoro still looks pretty much the same. I showed him his baby pics once, and he got a little emo after that. Never figured out whether it was because 1. he thought his ah-yi was showing him photos of some other cute baby; 2. he misses being such a baby; or 3. he was deeply contemplating life and changes.

I also noticed how well-planned his mom is. The clothes she bought him can really last through the years for a growing child. He was wearing a black top with white pin-stripes while we were browsing the picture gallery, and there he was back when just a few months old and in that very same top! The utilitarian mom was happy to find out that Oliver’s going to have a brother. “Then I don’t have to buy a different set of clothes and toys!” Knowing my sis, she would have a very different set of reasons to be happy even if Oliver’s going to have a sister. We are a pretty blessed bunch to be brought up to just be happy.

Happy Lunar New Year all!!! It’s Spring Festival in the Chinese part of the world.

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  1. phonynonie says:

    Your easy flowing narration of simple everyday things in such a catchy way always amazes me. Your writing is as cute as the Totoro. 😃

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Hehe glad you are enjoying it! 😀

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      1. phonynonie says:

        Hey, I’ve started a short story section on my blog and have posted my first short story “The Perfect Relationship”. Have a look😊

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