Yikes! I forgot to get Dad a birthday cake. My last minute scramble to get one by pulling strings was nowhere close to success. Chef says too late, she’s already in bed. So we will end up celebrating only on Saturday, with the pink berry version of what I got for Mom three weeks ago.

I think I inherited my sweet tooth from Dad. From young, we would always be having ice-cream with him, while my Mom will be nagging about how bad it is for our health. I remember we would sneakily put condensed milk on our cream crackers, and sometimes sugar, all these while hiding from the close watch of Tiger Mom.

There are huge differences between my brother’s travel pics with him, and my travel pics with him. Bro’s always on nature, plants, and savoury foods; while mine are always buildings, museums, public spaces, and desserts! Even the types of alcohol differ – his always beer, sake, whiskey, while mine are always wines and cocktails. Dad’s a versatile traveller. I should really try to convince him to start a blog.

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