Big familiar

I survived the CNY gathering! Almost 5 hours in an enclosed space with excitably squealing children. This is my family! Three generations, and we gather at this scale twice a year. It is no surprise that we are unable to recognise one another (for some). If not for Facebook, I really do not think I would be able to remember most of them.

One cousin mistook me for my sister! It was funny. I think it was because I was the one taking care of Oliver today – the naughty boy is right at the back with his hand raised. We took the photo a dozen times because each time we shout “huat ah!” (“cheese” equivalent), he got all excited and jumped up and down. If we kept score of whose name was heard most times today, it would be “Oliver!” Many attempted to get him to speak in Mandarin, and it was hilarious.

Family gathering
My big extended family
We had to do Lo Hei on a rotation basis

I have a very beautiful family. We had our hard times, but it was heartwarming to see everything ironed out, although it took years. I never knew I would have such a big heart, I thought I would be resentful and angry,  but my parents led by example on what it means to forgive and show compassion. Up till now, I still find it pretty unbelievable. Guess blood ties really do have its strong bonds.

Some of us lived together, some of us worked together, some of us yoga together, and it is really nice. I am not sure whether it was because I am in an Aquarian household, but it really feels like there is not that much difference between siblings and between cousins. So many cousins have lived with us over the years for many different reasons, and they have joined our family vacations quite a number of times too. The younger ones come to my sister and myself for advice or sometimes to just hang out (when we were in Shanghai). Well, on the other hand, I do get invitations to join their family vacations too.

What are your extended families like?

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