0 Fool

  1. a country bumpkin
  2. an awkward unsophisticated person
  3. a naive or inexperienced person

All it takes is one person to exclaim “I need to hermit” and the very idle chatter about how IX Hermit looks in the different decks unfolded. It turns out to be an inspiration for today’s prompt! Since I am only freshly acquainted with the term Rube, and it sounds kind of rude and across all dictionaries, I think the safest way to blog about it is to choose a dude from the tarot deck that appears to match my understanding of this word.

I found this boy from the Witches Tarot deck, and he is 0 The Fool, setting out on his journey to see the world! I like how he appears to walk with a little swagger, almost like a blind confidence in the new/future world he is partaking in. It is a little scary how he is walking right at the edge of the cliff, and not looking! Even his little pet dog looks afraid, while at the same time excited.

His bright and colourful costume, plus the very sunny disposition, reflects his zeal for life  and the journey into the unknown, and I believe that is a spirit we can learn from. We are all too often caught up in all the considerations of what-ifs and getting prepared for misadventures when we embark on something new and possibly completely different. If we do take a moment to think about why we are even stepping out, there has to be a reason, and hopefully it is a sense of inner calling, of passion that we want to follow. Instead of getting dragged down by worries, why not enjoy the ride and embrace the bliss that following this path provides?

Usually when this card appears, it is telling us to take a leap of faith, even though we do not know what is at the end of the road. For sure, there will be learnings and turnings at every corner, but take it a step at a time, and remain guided by the inner compass. It is for sure referring to a new beginning / quest / adventure, and a fresh start on a clean slate without the baggage of the past.

I like the energies of this card. It gives me an extra oomph to pushing ahead with things, especially when I’m always delving on exploring things I have never done before. So in a way, I am the Rube!

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  1. sadiewolf2014 says:

    Love this post, and so perfect for me right now! I often refer to myself as a country bumpkin, and I am unsophisticated in many ways! I am also about to embark on a crazy adventure (selling up, leaving work and going off travelling). It has moments of feeling a little scary especially when we think of the what ifs. Your post is a reminder to embrace and enjoy the experience and to remember why we are doing it: To live a full and adventurous life, to wipe the slate clean, and to experience a completley different kind of life…. Thank you

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  2. leapingtoes says:

    Yup! Sometimes insecurity creeps in, but we must always remember what it was that gave us the courage to take that step forward. Good luck with your travels!


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