No compromise

I never liked the word compromise, it feels like there’s some negative vibration hanging onto it. I used to think it was because I was stubborn and selfish. Objectively, it could be because the underlying meaning is that someone has to give something up. Yet again, objectively, sometimes we do have to give something up for the greater good of all. However, that then is no longer a compromise, but a matter of reaching an agreement or even a consensus.

Maybe it is because compromise seems to hang around the vibration of a scarcity mindset. There is only so much, and therefore someone has to give up something so the other(s) can have that little bit of something (else). Assuming we take the view of an abundant mindset, then we push really hard to see beyond what is available at hand, at present, and look for something bigger and brighter that can satisfy everyone. Sounds like a myth? I used to think so, but after so many miracles happening, I am a believer that when we vibrate at a higher frequency of what we want (collectively, or individually), Universe delivers. The solution is out there, we just need to think / feel / aim out of the box, and magnetize it in.

Sometimes we get too rooted in the existing circumstance, or our judgement of the existing circumstance, and do not realise that people / circumstance(s) are really open to change or may even be waiting for that opportunity to change. So, do yourself a favour, do others a favour, and strive for the highest possible creation (on Universe’s terms). Don’t compromise. You might just be unlocking the chains for someone else!

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  1. sadiewolf2014 says:

    Yes! Thank you very much.

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Thanks for dropping by and reblogging this!


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