Quiet seems to be the way to go when we feel deep about things.

Today’s prompt was Astral and I did not know where to start, other than connect to a previous post with my questions about starseeds and stardust. My humanly encyclopaedia happened to be in Singapore, and we had a short afternoon together. The ponderance of our conversation sunk me into another space of contemplating our human existence (again). It is painful to suddenly realise (again) how we have the power in so many circumstances in our life, but we forgot / did not realise we can / did not think it matters / all other excuses.

Universe gives us answers in so many ways, as long as we hold the intention to ask and to seek. The morning following my post of in-conversant, I got the card “You are understood”. Much stirring went between and beneath the words of the post, and I asked so many questions, and got a few answers in different ways. We really have to embrace the frequency of what we want. You cannot want it out of one person, and treat another differently. It is all fair dinkums.

I stepped out of the house, trying to squirm out of a conversation with mom, tada – answer #1 to questions #101. As I scurried out the door, thoughts in my head were “why would it matter to you where I am going?”. That was when it dawned on me: how can I be asking for more human conversation from somebody, when here I am trying to avoid convo with another human? Both circumstances are born out of Love, aren’t they? I used to think my mom just wants to know every darn thing I am doing so she can nag me into doing what she wants me to be doing. Which, I still think is very much true. Then again, always remember, Love. Maybe all she wants is to have a normal human conversation too. If we talk only on terms of what “matters”, then there is no point in any talk at all, because all that matters is each and everyone within ourselves. If we carry on in that line of argument, then there is no point in any emotions at all, because what matters are lessons, and emotions are (in a way) merely signposts. But we are all here to be human, to experience being a human. 

Answer #2 came in the card, and answer #3 was a reminder / reaffirmation from KT that when we change, the people around us change. Energetically speaking, “be the change you wish to see in the world” is pretty correct. When you change your vibration, people around you (assuming these people want to remain around you) have to change theirs to match too.

Astrally speaking, we are all stardust and wherever we are, what matters are not our physical locations but the frequency we are vibrating at. When the card “you are understood” popped up, I was pretty overwhelmed by the knowingness that it does not take a physical human interaction for thought waves to be sent halfway around the earthly globe. (PM: you know what I’m talking about, you are reading this.)

I shall be the change I want to see in my world. ❤

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  1. curioussteph says:

    Lovely. It’s all there when we are willing to pay attention.

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Yups. Next is stepping up to work on it… takes alot to brace myself for that. :s

      Liked by 1 person

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