Written in the stars

Okay, I think my life is starting to get back to normal after almost half a week, and after almost getting into a few hissyfits with the Universe.

Universe really knows the game, and it’s not all that fair because He knows the rules while I am not at all familiar. We are all Free Agencies with Free Will, and so we are indeed given the freedom to choose, to act, to decide on the next course of action. BUT, because He knows what is going on, He knows the bigger picture, and He knows what is the Highest Good for All, and Him being omnipresent and omni-everything, He throws obstacles everywhere when I want to exercise my free will. :/ I know it is all in the name of the greater L-ove that guidance be upon me to head for the Higher Path. The Higher Path is not always the easier way out, and I just want to enjoy my present moment(s)! Tsk. So this is what delaying gratifications mean.

It is just pretty annoying to have some knowing of some bits of some life mission, and then nothing’s moving, and Universe keeps telling me Patience. I never knew there were that many Patience cards in my entire collection of decks. I’m not impatient, I just want to get moving with other stuff that are more fun in the meantime, except maybe those fun stuffs may detract me from that “main path”.

I am impressed by how much the Universe can throw in my way to keep me “on path” though. “I want to go out and play”. *down comes a tonne of work* “I don’t want to do this anymore, it’s taking too long”. *down comes a whole stream of reminders on why I want to do this* “Nah, I’m sure you have some other better stuff for me, right? Right??” *more reminders how many lifetimes have passed before I finally got to this threshold*.

Some things are written in the stars. Yet it takes so many different conditions and factors for the life to play out as astrally-scripted. No wonder Zeo reminded me about patience there and then – “you know there’s going to be a carnival at Joo Chiat, you just have to be patient and sit through that traffic jam”. :/ :/ :/

Anyhow, although I am a little peeved (maybe partly with my own restlessness), I am still very amazed by how life has been scripted for many, and in many ways. There is indeed free will, and there is indeed divine timing, all very apparent in my last year’s dramatic run-in with a “screencapture” of my script on a physical piece of organic object – the Nadi leaf. Esoterically, I have seen Akashic records, which I am half-believing (mind vs heart) even after seeing it so many times, and via so many different pairs of eyes. Now, to see the story on a physical piece of material, I am pretty impressed. Well, then again, the brainy part of me still says “there must be a catch somewhere”.

Ah well, so much for the rant and rave. I still decide I want to live up to my highest potential. With ease and grace. With all the resources I need. I am willing and ready, and faster divine timing if possible, please.

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