Time lag

Dailyprompt is getting spiritual these days! A few consecutive days of abstract concepts making writing so much fun. More ideas to bounce around: have you ever considered premonition being something happening in real-time, and it being a “a strong feeling that something is about to happen, especially something unpleasant” is because that was how long information took to reach us? Now with google, and twitter and live feeds, premonition does not feel like its original definition anymore.

There are three types of premonitions I normally feel most strongly about. They are either 1. related to the people I am very close to, or 2. to natural phenomenons, or 3. to events that are likely to impact what I am working on. The first gives me a gut-wrenching, knotty stomach in extreme queasiness lasting all the way until I find out what that event is about (normally death 😦 ). The longest lasted a whole month 😦 and I was bedridden from the pain. The third type sometimes leaves me with many question marks which I have the answer only in retrospect. I guess it is because I requested Universe to show me only what I am psychologically ready for (because I am such a scaredycat); and also to show me the actionable insights and guide me on what I can do about it. With such caveats, it is no surprise that I get only the “acceptable” pieces of puzzles. I am very thankful for this and shall whine less about the question marks.

The second type is what I am comfortable writing more about as there are no personal ties or taboos involved. I feel earthquakes as they happen, particularly in places I have worked in before. It is horrible waking up to a nauseating vortex, and till now, I have no idea what significance it has in my life or what I do. It made sense when I was doing humanitarian work, but not with my current office-bound work. Maybe it is to give me more empathy towards people? Or maybe it is to help me see how and why some people act up, because they do not have the comprehension or the ability to associate that with what is happening with Lady Gaia although they feel it right in the pits of their stomachs too? I remember the most recent earthquake(s) concurrent in three different countries very far apart from one another. I woke up experiencing intense vertigo. When I finally recovered, I immediately googled for where the earthquakes were, and the timings matched to the very seconds. Babyboo was also acting very weird that day, he was very very emo, crying and throwing tantrums and my mom got really angry with him. I told my mom what happened that morning, and she was less harsh on him, and asked if we can cut ourselves off from these phenomenons. Well, I don’t know. My question is more of “why does Universe want me to feel these?”. There are already real, scientific, high-tech seismic detectors around!

Since I am at it, there is one more very poignant example which is still in my blog category of Decrypting. I once sensed a man-made earthquake, you can read about it from the link. Although extremely annoying to the max, I was very impressed by the level of detail of the information that comes through. “Earthquake” has already turned out to be a “norm” for me, but that evening, I had the feeling “but it is man-made“. How the heck does that work? Made no logical sense at all! But look, just read the article I left in the comment, and you will see that it is possible because there are mad men around who are illogical.

Maybe that was to show me that human brains can only accept what made “sense” because “sense” comes from “prior experience”. Universe can tell us what is “real” even though they made no “human sense” as yet.

Life is weird. But it is extremely intriguing if / when we open up to it.

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  1. curioussteph says:

    You are very attuned to our planet. And so when it has shifts that come from within, you feel them. And when it has shifts caused my an external force or event, you can feel the difference. Gut punch versus gut rumble. Both move the guts, one inside, one out.

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Nods. I’m starting to differentiate between more “feelings” now. But, it does not feel good at all (torturous, in fact), yet when I try to disconnect (free will, so we can request to) from it, there is a feeling that this is part of the “training”.. so I don’t know what this is about … except to just try to pick out some understanding from it … (question marks!!!)


    2. leapingtoes says:

      Seems like part of the answer came, “we want to shift our planet to more positive energy because we actually love the planet and love each other. We are racing against time to see if we can change the thought forms of the planet, one person at a time—and it starts with you.” Guess for now, it’s about raising awareness (in a different way) and that planet earth is a living being like us. Not something outside of us.


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