Dimmy-me fell asleep during yoga today. How did that even happen? I nodded off during the warmup kriyas and it felt like *lights out* for my consciousness which went off to some still quiet space for a break. Teacher Shirley says I (or rather, my body) did all the movements. How strange, must have been too tired. February went past too fast. I held my day job, and I held on to my night resolutions. Blogging every night can take a toll on the physical body, even though it also lifts my spirits greatly.

28 days is a full 3 days shortchanged of a complete month. In fact, half a week shorter! Maybe that was why I was mostly breathless this month, feeling like playing catch-up most hours.

March will be better. March is my month. 🙂 I breathe better already. Complete breaths for a complete month to come. ❤

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