Wonder III

Final sequel to the trilogy (or so I hope).

The most important reason for discovering if you carry the thalassemia trait is this: If two people who each carry the same form of thalassemia trait have a child, there is a 25% chance that this child will be born with a severe form of thalassemia.

– Source: Cooley’s Anaemia Foundation

I remember telling my mom the above, and she was very positive (and nonchalant too) about it, “it’s rare, you probably won’t have to marry someone with the same trait, don’t worry about it”. But by the Universal Law of Attraction … ….

Then again, scientifically, if it’s not as clearcut as two people carrying the same trait, it really takes genetic counselling to figure the rest of the puzzle out. Never really got the chance to, because everyone’s in a state of denial “nah, not me, i don’t have it” even though it runs down the family line, “nah, not me, there’s no point testing for it”.

Years later, my mom’s tune changed. “You can always consider adoption”. Well honestly, I never ruled that out. My dearest and closest senior adopted this lovely little girl from birth, and I learnt a lot about the proceedings, the preparation (mental and administrative), and sort of formulated my own perspectives about adoption and the approaches to dealing with the world outside. From a spiritual aspect, I really believe that whichever child that is in our lives are destined to be, be it by birth, by surrogation, or by adoption. All things planned out before our births and then panned out when we walk this earth.

So I guess it really is a matter of ego, in a way. I want my own cute kid. Just look at Oliver, soooo cuuuuute. I want a little Mini-Me with my gene of cuteness. How lovely would that be! So I waited out for years to see if I could score good genes without any traits. Hah. Hah. Hah. I wonder what and why the heck I would pre-plan this prior to life on earth. Weird and annoying things to choose between.

Hmm. I thought I swept this whole question mark under the carpet for years. Yet it still pops up during healing sessions now and then. Past life regression showed it to be – definitely a test failed, and maybe I should be glad I can choose to retake this test all over again. We had an amazing life together but because I was so fearful of giving birth to a sick child, I died during childbirth. (WTH, right?! sigh, the benefit of hindsight.. tsk.) What I witnessed was how healthy the baby turned out and grew up to be, but the poor dude had to take care of the baby all by himself, and wistful that I did not live to see the baby grow up. I sent so much healing to that past life, but … I don’t know what else lies in other lives, that I am still so subconsciously bogged by it.

Another was at a healing session with Zeo. Out of nowhere (we weren’t even on this topic), he told me that having a healthy child can be manifested with good thoughts and high vibrations, whichever age we are at. I swear, we weren’t anywhere near this topic, but on some other fears / worries / concerns I was having about life path. We ended up discussing about collective consciousness, and how many ideas and beliefs (even medical advice) were repeated and held in such solidity that they established a vibration of their own, and if I am not locked into this collective consciousness, I can still have my healthy baby if I take good enough care of my own body and thoughts. On this basis, maybe I can really do a shoutout to Universe, “hey man, I am sure you can bring me the best of both worlds”.

Yet another was the Nadi leaf reader, who said we can have a child or even two, if I resolve my old karma, and I can do that through a series of Lakshmi pujas. I now have Mother Lakshmi on my phone wallpaper, and I send alot alot of healing to resolve any past karma. I don’t know what is with the “a child or maybe two, depending on what you choose”, because that comes up in all the other Chinese readings that my family did. Healthy, clever, but overly independent kind of child(/ren).

Well, I don’t know. Right now, my position is to tell Universe what I value in my life, and leave all the rest to Him and live solidly in the present moments.

Yay, 14mins to the next prompt. I am sure I am done and dusted with this topic. Heh.


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