Patience, my dear

Finally, the word prompt I have been waiting for – Patience.

I got a little annoyed one day, when a few different decks gave me the same answer. So I thought to myself, “maybe it is imperative for every deck to have a Patience card”. Finally, today, I had the patience to run through every deck to see if they really do have it. Quite many have them, but not all. However, every other deck has something along the lines of having Patience, just not explicitly worded.

Feeling a little better now! Competitiveness, it is. I am now convinced that the lack of patience is probably something that most (or many?) people face, and probably a frequently asked question in the world of card-asking, which warrants its presence in so many decks ranging from 30 to 80 cards. I wonder too – of these people who pick this card, how many pick again and again and again with the same question (hoping to get a different answer), and how many get the same card again and again (like I did).

Little wonderings to get through the daily grind of life.

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  1. curioussteph says:

    Such a human trait, wanting what we want when we want it. Although as my well fed cat is yowling at me for a snack, I recognize that the challenge of patience is not limited to our species. Enjoyed your article, thanks!

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      hahaha now I wonder what an impatient Slow Loris is like! 😀


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