My favourite place

My favourite city is Melbourne, where I absolutely enjoyed my life in the short few years there. My favourite residence is Grace Garden, which led to the naming of this blog, which led to my deeper connection with mother earth, which led to my burning desire to serve Universe, and a clarity of the how. My favorite place is an inconspicuous beach which had no name and unmarked on the map, and shockingly so close to home.

We accessed it via the water route! Canoed! Unfortunately, I could not find any of the photos from that day, other than this selfie. That was probably about ten years ago. We  ventured on that little trip because I wanted to see the construction of the (now) famed Marina Barrage, and best view was from the water. Plus, I wanted to document the last look of the Marina Bay District from the waters before they start construction. It only had a couple of one- or two-storey buildings where we had BBQ and leisure facilities, and the rest of the space was just huge grounds for people to fly kites. I cannot believe the photos are all gone. 😦

I really love that day and I really love that place. We (or I? heh) had wanted to canoe all round Singapore, or at least the south, but we only did part of the southeastern stretch, and got stopped by the marine police. For an (urban) planner, I am very very terrible at planning our own activities. I honestly suck at it. Tsk. One thing I am really good at is cocooning! I was so happy soaking in the sun, the sand, the sea, the calm, the company, and with absolutely no one else around. That would be my definition of timelessness. When everything comes to a standstill, and i am just taking in every bit of the world around. If I can pause my life, freeze it in a single moment, I would choose this picture frame. Well, I would have also parked the canoes a little closer together, rather than just dumping mine where it first touched land. Haha, talk about OCD.

Never got that opportunity again. After that, there was a new requirement that only canoeists with a certain number of stars / certification can head out into the waters on their own. And of course, you see how the Marina looks like now, whichever country you live in, you would probably have seen its photos or even visited! Ah well, the bane of development.

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