Selfish or Selfless?

This is a very well-written piece about selfishness vs Self-ishness. I love her comprehensive coverage of the idea, which debunks many MISgivings people have about these two terms (or this one term).
I shall take it that it’s Alice’s birthday pressie to me 😉 :D- the perfectly phrased writing that I have been dreaming of – that which I can now effortlessly spread it around to my friends what I mean. The very concept which I went in circles with my words trying to put this point across. ❤

One day at a time


To call someone selfish is quite vague. There are several ways in which the word selfish can be defined. Depending on the context of the word, it can be considered derogatory or positive. Degrees of each kind of selfishness also vary widely from person to person, some people possessing several types of selfishness. In order to properly define selfishness, we must also speak of it’s opposing component selflessness.

Selfishness, most commonly is defined as a negative term meaning that one thinks too much of themselves, disregarding others at someone else’s expense. Many people use this term to condemn someone for only thinking of ones own happiness and Incorporated in that is often a selfish person’s willingness to hurt someone else in order to boost themselves.


Selfishness, in the next most common context, refers to one taking time out from the dedication to other facets of ones life in order to…

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  1. Beautiful message and so well written. Thanks for the inspiring share.

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  2. Great message…you have to help yourself before you can help others!

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