T’oh Quartet

Messy music was what we played. We are the T’oh Quartet, conducted my Tiger Mom, and run by Floor Manager T’oh.

That was us almost thirty years ago! It must have been tough taking care of so many kiddos, each and everyone of us having a different temperament. Sibling rivalry was more than rife, but up till now I have yet to figure whether it was part of their strategy to drive us.

Our life weren’t as fortunate as how Oliver and Ruirui are having it today. Holidays were usually to Malaysia, which is just hours’ drive away. It would normally be to some seaside, be it to just swim in open waters or watch sea turtles in the middle of the night; or up the mountains to enjoy some natural air-conditioning and pluck fruits and vegetables on some farms. Dad would either rent a chalet or an apartment, where we could run amok without any hotel guests complaining, and where mom got to cook whatever she wants. Yea, healthy fresh food, no MSG, no flavourings, et cetera.

Well. So we survived our own mess, noise and fights. Tada~ here is the accomplishment of the tiger mom and cool dad.

Looking forward to another shot, in the near future hopefully, of the T’oh Orchestra. Next time, let there be some harry potter gowns. At least two of us have set our eyes on bigger and better hats. 😀

Cheers to hopes, dreams and goals!

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