Fuzzy warmth


Fuzzy warmth
In frigid weather.

Having spent most of life on the equatorial belt, anything less than 24degreesC is considered cold for me. I will be in my sweater at that temperature. After spending some years in slightly more temperate climates, 12degreesC became the threshold to the new level of cold. So yea, my idea of frigid weather is *drum roll* a grand 2degreesC. Hibernation for my fingers and toes by then.

But snow is so pretty! So are icicles! And I love that fine little line where things are enjoyable and beautiful, right before life gets too cold and all senses shut down. So here are some pictures of that fine line!

Fig 1. Peppermint leaves frigid on the edges, but soft in the middle, still fleshy and succulent. These apple mints grew in my front yard last time. They disappear in winter, and come spring, they appear again. I remember getting almost drunk once, and drove my buggy right into the poor plant, and then being woken up by the smell of peppermint which I crashed into. Hehe. Funny days.

Fig 2. Dad soaking in the hot spring water in Xi’an, while it was freezing outside. That was when I ran away from “home” and Dad collected me from Changsha and we went touring the west of China for a month. It was cold, helluva dusty polluted outside, but I was fuzzy with warmth that my loving pillar of support flew in very last minute to my rescue. My hero!

Fig 3. Snowshoes on solidified powder. The other unsung hero who took such wonderful care of me. I never had to worry about not being warm enough, or not being safe enough. Or even about missing out on great views, cos this lovely pair of shoes checks what’s ahead while I trudge (very) slowly behind.

Reality check.
Weather check. 28degreesC, 81% humidity.
Pollution check. 78 AQI.

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  1. The hot tub looks very nice!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. leapingtoes says:

      Yea, it is!! We did not want to leave, it was sooooo comfortable.
      It’s a very famous hot tub palace 😀 Huaqing Pool / Huaqing Palace, the location for the love story of the Tang Emperor and Concubine Yang (http://sacrificeworldwide.com/yang-guifei/).
      The tub we’re in was probably one of the other not-so-happening-concubine’s.

      Liked by 1 person

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