Luminescence – also vaguely known as – that thing you do when you have no life living in a village.

Tada ~ handmade by yours truly!

It was disgustingly eeky drippy with white glue. Very poor craftsmanship, I spent much time scraping away the glue stains, more so than forming the lampshade.

That was too easy, so I decided to play with something more difficult, and require some tools. This took a while to solve. I was sure the carpentry team must have been really suspicious when I went over to ask for “drill bits for glass”. I asked for drill bits to drill a small hole, and to score lines in glass. Just imagine their frowned faces.

Well, I managed! On my own! Dad tried to help when he was visiting. But I refused, since I already drilled nightly for an entire week, no way was I going to give that sense of satisfaction to him. I was absolutely delighted when the little piece of circle popped out and the hole went through!

So. The poor carpentry team had to help me out with an entire row of my other experiment thereafter … … poor guys. 38 bottles, I remember. This one took more work, but less work per bottle. Physics is great knowledge to have! We scored with the drill bit around the circumference of each bottle, started a little fireball around that scoreline, and then dunked the bottom of the bottle into ice cold water. And then it popped out, and the top became the lampshade! The bottoms would have made great ashtrays, but I cannot remember what they did with it.

So there! And then there was light! ❤

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  1. Ali says:

    Those are beautiful!

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