There is this frothy tea that I would have whenever I travelled into the Shanghai city office for work. The tea is fragrant, but I am really not that used to having sugar in my Chinese tea. Just like having sugar in Earl Grey is weird for my tastebuds. It is topped with a layer of sea salt milk froth at the top, somewhat like a Cappuccino except that it has sea salt in it. Great taste, I would say. But, it’s not that great an experience having to get past the layer of froth before reaching my tea. It was fun getting milk whiskers in the process though!

Earthquake Sashimi?

The other frothy experience I enjoy is anything with dry ice. It is fun to watch, and fun to play! I would either throw bits of normal ice into it, or warm water, or cold water, depending on what is available. That speaks for ice-cream, sushi, or anything that needs to be served cold. Pretty sight, isn’t it?

I remember my BFFs getting pints of Haagen Dazs for my birthday when we were working hard in the archi studio. The treat was more than the yummy ice-cream! Instead, it was how we ended up setting an earthquake zone in our site model, placing dry ice in it, pouring water to create the froth and the smoke, and then … … I still cannot believe this … we put many dinosaur soft toys around and acted out a Godzilla scene in our site model. Hahaha. Memories of our ridiculous days. It was great fun.

Can’t find the godzilla pics, but here are some of our time-out from design work at super unearthly hours of madness. ❤

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  1. curioussteph says:

    Fun! Growing up, I thought I didn’t like tea, as my parents always had theirs with sugar. I’ve discovered I like tea just fine, but not with sugar! Salty froth is an interesting idea–I’ve had it accidentally in the ocean!

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Hahaha! Yea, tea is pretty amazing before being contaminated by sugar! I love Chinese tea, there are so many different types and who would have thought leaves can taste soooooo different.
      Yummy ocean froth. hahaha. Thickness and richness in taste irreplaceable by anything else. cough cough.

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  2. I enjoyed your writing and sharing memories of frothy friendly fun. Love dry ice too. Never had the frothy tea but did taste yummy light as a cloud Japanese beer.

    Thanks for writing and publishing this piece.

    Best, Deborah
    Blogger at Dog Leader Mysteries

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Hi Deborah! Thanks for dropping by! ❤
      Jap beers are very light. Have you tried Sake before? Clear liquids that measure up to tasty Oomphs at every mouthful.

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      1. Yes, tasted Sake and enjoyed with a tasty Japanese meal.

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