Early awakening

Proud as I could be when I woke up early enough one morning to say hi to someone before he left for work.

Achievement unlocked! I normally don’t wake up before 8am, and 8 only because that is the time Oliver hops in the picture. If I have my way, would sleep till 11am everyday, just so because that is the latest hour of the morning before noon strikes.

Ah well. That was tongue-in-cheek. Life is too rich, too full, to waste on sleeping in late everyday. Look what I saw that morning I woke up that early!

Even the moon wanted a glimpse of the awakening sun

The world awakening is a beautiful scene. Not just the sunrise, but the emergence of warm light rays, the light chirping of the birds, and transition from quiet to coming alive.

That day, I accomplished much! Stepped out of the house, took a nice long coastal bus ride to the ‘city’, walked around some urbanisation, visited my favourite bookstore, caught up on work, and made it back tired but feeling filled.


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  1. I definitely love find the magic and wonder in the day with watch the sun rise and set! 🙂

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