The disruptor

My teammates probably found me very disruptive. I could see them frowning, or their eyes squinting, everytime mine lit up with new ideas. Probably praying hard that each was just one of my hobbies, rather than one of our work tasks.

I remember the Constructor or the Purchaser popping by my office with a “Heyyyyyyyy” or a “Come join us”, and it would be a scheming plotting session in their office thereafter. It was fun, I miss them! We spent so much time in foreign lands starting things from scratch, working hard in the day, and drinking hard at night, and of course the weekend treats of karaokes and cooking up a storm. At times, it could be pretty disruptive, like discovering cutesy stuffs such as new born puppies, and time just disappeared into caring for these newborns. Other times, it could be us disappearing into some obscure corner in the huge-ass farm, trying to suss out remnant grains to feed the new chickens.

I also remember Sis and I spending tonnes of our time at the far far away end of the farm, feeding the little lambs. And then when the supermarket opened, when we saw the meat section, we were like “ohhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHhh.” (“Here you are.“). Nodding sadly and knowingly to each other, “the next time we visit the lambs, they would be different ones…” Well, this is the precise idea of Farm to Table – these foodies come from somewhere, and it is important to acknowledge that fact.

Anyhow, here are some lighter-hearted shares of our little projects.

Youngsters apparently have more fun with these projects than the oldies! We had a lot of fun and adventure in the nursery, tending to many different plants before the luckier (or unluckier) ones got transplanted here.

One crazy year, mom and I sat around having a discussion about growing lemongrass and pandan leaves in Shanghai. We have them in our 18th storey garden, and we use it for our cooking. My parents used to sneak these in vacuum packs for me when I lived in Melbourne. So we thought, since there is a nursery, and I have such a good relationship with the gardeners, why not try growing them? Hahahahahaha. Conspirators.

The grasses didn’t last long in my room, so we eventually had to move them to the nursery far far away at the northern tip of the island. They soon died, of cold, I think. :/ Sorry, mates.

Other weird scares I gave the carpentry team. 😀 I went to borrow “drill bits for metal” and … hahaha. Just imagine the frowns on their heads. Fortunately for them, it was a one-off thing, as I only had a few milk-pudding glass containers. They offered to drill for me, so I got them to prepare the holes, and did the rest in my own room / personal workshop. Tada~ my 3D painting titled “Still Life of Lilies in Glass Bottles“.

And I just found pics of my sis and I working on a huge-ass mural on the farm over the winter weekends. Photo credits: courtesy of my brother-in-law.

It had been pretty fun disrupting the mundane village life with snippets of weird-ass ideas disguised as serious work projects. 😀

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