Accidentally in love

Dailyprompt reminding me to read up on an old bookmark: Song of Songs.

Oh, border!

I had a timeout during the Cannes/Nice weekend, and hopped off to visit Musée Matisse up in the hilly suburbs. I had been repeatedly advised (i.e. reminded) by my dearest mentor LTK to pay a visit. I did, and indeed, I loved it.

What was more magical was that I hopped further down the hill, into the museum of an artist I have never heard of. Hah, thanks to the lure of iced cold drinks! I guess it was really hot, I needed it in order to carry on my downhill climb, and there was this beautiful garden with minimalist walls and building, and it was too tempting not to just chill out there for a breather. I sat in the garden a long time to just take in all I had seen and felt at Matisse earlier, and the calm and peace of the garden filled with soothing lavender.

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