Construction lines

Want to watch me throw a tantrum about lines? Fine.

Here are the pics of the unhappiest part of my life. Not exactly a city to showcase, but a sharing of the part of life that drove me to near insanity, which weirdly enough drove me to clearer sanity. It was tough, but I came out stronger. I learnt flexibility, I learnt versatility, I learnt human relations, I learnt hypocrisy. I learnt hypocrisy is only a judgement, I learnt there are shades of grey, I learnt there are warm greys, cool greys, and neutral greys. I learnt that black and white are colours of opposite spectrum, and seeing life as such just equates a very polarised and naive outlook. I learnt that there are four seasons, but we can learn to love all, there is no need to favour one season over another. I learnt I am stronger than I know. I learnt that running away is not being defeatist. I learnt that sometimes life leaves us only choices that elevates us – be it character, path, or honing our skills. Most importantly, I learnt that big life lessons are about letting go of judgements – on ourselves, on society, on people we detest, on circumstantial events that spring ‘out of nowhere’.

Instead of one city, here are the lines from a few of the Chinese cities I developed in.

Site work was not easy, but there was a certain satisfaction about it. Being the first ones on the land made the few development teams pretty chummy pals. Conflicts were inevitable, but always resolved, and amicability resumed soon after. That’s for being “pioneers”, its us versus the world. There is also a sense of accomplishment planning something from scratch (but with extreme annoyance from the irrational intervening hand), working through the design, right down to overseeing the construction of the buildings, the facilities, the landscape, the planting. Walking 80 hectares a day, maybe not. Rushing madly to meet insane timelines, definitely not.

Two happier line pics to close this post. Feet enjoying some sun and some rest in some secret garden; and the line between driving a real car and an electric buggy. The latter pic was a proud moment! For my 12 years of holding a driving license, that was my first (and only) drive on a real public road. Then again, it was a new development, so there were absolutely no other cars on the road. 😀 😀

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